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The Crystal Method ~ Name of the Game

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What are the features of a snail?

a snail has a large protective shell that covers a snall slimy body

What is an example of a character sketch?

A character sketch is a drawing of a person where their features are exaggerated. If a person has large lips, the character sketch might show the lips even larger in proportion to other facial features.

What map covers the entire UK?

There are many maps of the entire UK for sale in most large stationery stores, or search the internet. To show useful detail, a large wall map is probably best.

What is the special features about tarsier?

each eyeball is 16 mm in diameter-as large as its entire brain

A map of the large-scale features of the entire continent of North America could best be obtained by using?

a satellite image

How would a map scale that covers a large distance differ from a map scale that covers a small distance?

A small scale map covers a large area, but with less detail due to lack of space on the map. A large scale map covers a smaller area, but in much more detail. A small scale map may show the whole of the UK motorway system, and major roads. A large scale map may show the details of farms, villages, and physical features in great detail.

What is a large piece of ice that covers land?

A large piece of ice that covers land is called an Ice Sheet.

What large landform covers much of central India?

The large land form that covers much of Central India is the desert.

How large is T Mobile's 3G coverage network?

The T Mobile 3G coverage network is very large. The T Mobile 3G coverage covers the entire United States. It also offers faster internet service and faster downloading.

What animated music video features a character with a very large nose and he's following a flying heart?

put it in yhe internet or you tube it will come up with the song

What desert covers a large part of Namibia?


A network that covers a large campus or city?


What large desert covers much of the country?


How large is Cancun?

Cancun covers about 1,979 km².

What large sheet of tissue covers the skull?


What extensive rainforest covers a large part of central Africa?

The large rainforest that covers a large part of central Africa is called the Congo Rainforest. It comprises some 700,000 square miles in six countries.

What character is a character who makes main character look good by contrast?

large or intimidating

What is the pleurae pericardium and peritoneum also known as?

I would think you mean, 'pleura'. That is a dlicate membrane that covers the lungs and chest wall. The visceral pleura is what covers the lungs, the parietal pleura covers the chest wall and diaphram. 'pericardium' is a double-layered sac surrounding the heart and large vessels entering and leaving the heart. 'peritoneum' is a serous membrane that covers the entire abdominal wall and envelops the organs contained in the abdomen.

What are the differences between a large scale map and a small scale map?

A large scale map is a map that covers a large area with little detail were as a small scale map covers a small area and in greater detail.

What is a major character in literature?

A major character in literature is character that plays a large role in the story, but is not the main character.

Does Mexico have deserts for the physical features?

Yes. There are two deserts in Mexico, including the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts. Both are part of the larger North American Desert, which also covers large areas of the United States.

Can a block of selected text can be as small as one character or as large as an entire document?

I would say, yes, but it would depend on if you want to split hairs over the definition of the word "block."

The Amazon rainforest covers a large region in which of these countries?


How large is Baja California?

It covers 143,396 square miles.

What is the rainforest that covers a large part of central Africa?