What music videos show naked people?

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miley cyrus video for wrecking ball
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Who plays video games naked?

Nude Gaming . Probably the same reason people watch TV or walk around the house naked. Provided no one can see you, (otherwise it's called indecent exposure) you can pretty much do WHATEVER you want in your own place of residence. As far as why goes, I would say because it's comfortable and som ( Full Answer )

How do you show a boy your naked body?

Why would you want to do that. Unless you are grown up and ready to have sex, there's no point for temptations when all you will have are desires that will disrupt you? If he respects you he wouldn't be asking to see when it has nothing to do with him, he needs to respect your boundaries and you can ( Full Answer )

What is the music from naked science?

The music from Naked Since includes songs such as Balcony Rockers,Force of Joy, I Have Peace Now and I Move You. It also featuresLocus of Control and Midnight Carnival.

How do you get music on a video?

You can attach it or just play it while you shoot the video. Using iMovie, you would select music from your itunes library on the bottom right, dragging it over to your movie.

How does technology help people pirate music and videos?

Mostly because of file sharing. Programs like Limewire are created and then people who use them don't have to pay for their media anymore. It's not very honest and hurts the artists who put all the work into the music/videos that people want so badly they are willing to steal. I don't get why people ( Full Answer )

What music video did Blink 182 cameo naked in?

Blink 182 is a cameo in the music video by Lit. The song title is "Zip-Lock". The music video also contains other musician cameos, such as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister.. blink-182 appered naked in their music video for "What's My Age Again?"

What is a music video?

it is a video that 45% of the time shows why the singer or writer of the song wrote it, 10% of the time it's just a jumbled up mess trying to start a trend, and the other 45% is just the singer dancing around, trying to look cooler than he/she really is.yup. it's a sad, sad world we live in...

Does hair the Broadway show have naked people in it?

The amount of actual nudity depends on the production. Since the original Broadway run from 1968 to 1972, there have been many different versions. Many involve several actors being partly or mostly naked, especially as part of the "tribal chorus" at the end of Act 1.

In Kelly Clarkson's music video Because of You who is the little girl that sHow is Kelly things?

The little girl is supposed to be kelly as a child. the child is reminding kelly how it felt like to see her parents fight in front of her, so she shouldn't be fighting with her husband either because that might have the same effect on her child as it did to her. The little girl is Kennedy Helbert ( Full Answer )

Was Lady Gaga ever naked in her music video Lovegame?

Written by Lady GaGa and RedOne, "LoveGame" is one of the songs appearing in her debut album " The Fame ". Its music video , which features naked Lady GaGa frolicking with two men, has been banned in Australia despite the fact that the single has climbed to number 18 on Australia Singles chart.

Who is the girl in Billy Currington's Music Video People Are Crazy?

The main two girls, the brunette and the blonde, with Billy and the old man are two girls that Billy met in Key West from Florida State University. The other random people are people they asked to be in the video that were in the Bahamas at the time.

Why does MTV not show music videos barely anymore?

Its because these geneeration of teens don't like music videos and will change it if they see it. Its stupid because MTV stands for Music TV A hill6* Well, I'm a teen... And i love music videos!!! lol :'( i have a question... (why doesn't MTV show metal music videos?) =/ I liked it when MTV pl ( Full Answer )

What music video from the 80's or 90's that show 2 people connected by flesh?

Perhaps you're referring to Greg Kihn's video for "Jeopardy," which came out in 1983. It showed a man and woman attached at the love handle by a lump of flesh. Later, Weird Al would parody the song. You can watch the video on YouTube to see if this is the song you're thinking of.

What was the name of the music video showing the guy hopping through the song 1980s?

Is it that track that that has a saxophone playing throughout much of it? If so, I'd like to know that name of that song too. If we are thinking of the same song -- I went and saw the movie "The Lovely Bones" last night. The song is featured in the closing credits of that movie. I have been trying t ( Full Answer )

How do you get into a music video?

Who ever wants dis ? U r a nerd, the ,just look 4 the video u want like in YouTube or Google and write the singer or the song its going to be one of does nerd how stupid u r

How do you mute your music playing for a second to show a video clip on Windows Movie Maker?

To mute the music (for a specific period of time) you will have to Split it on the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker. > Move the green Advance bar to the point in your project that you want the audio to stop, and the video to start playing. > Click the Split button (beneath Preview pane) ( Full Answer )

How can you get in a music video?

You have to go to a firm that is involved with hiring dancers, choreographers, or acting. Contact entertainment agencies, talent agents, etc.

Why does your computer not show clear pictures while playing music videos?

The video codecs used to compress them (for internet delivery) actually dispose of some of the detail mathematically (via "discrete cosine transform") in order to significantly reduce the file size. People setting the bitrate too low during compression results in tons of data being thrown away, thus ( Full Answer )

What music video was prince's butt showing?

Prince wore a "Trench coat, leg warmers & men thong" in 1979-81. In the video (Dirty Mind) When he spins it's more "checks" then butt :) lol

Is Situation.Critical a TV show or music video?

Situation Critical is a TV show produced in conjunction with the National Geographic channel documenting disasters or violent incidents. Situation Critical is the UK name, while Critical Situation is the American name.