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before they pray they must go to the toilet because it is considered didrespectfull to leave for the toilet in the middle of prayer

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Q: What must Muslims do before they pray?
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Do Muslims pray to Allah?

of course, they do. Muslims must pray to Allah "God" five times a day.

Muslims must face to pray?


Muslims must face to pray.?


What do Muslims remove before they pray?


Which are beliefs shared by nearby all Muslims?

Muslims must travel to Mecca if able Muslims must fast during Ramadan Muslims must pray every day

Must Muslims pray once a day?

No, most pray 5 times a day.

What direction do Muslims face when they pray?

It depends on where on the Planet Earth they live. All Muslims must pray in the direction of the Qibla', that is the Kaaba in Mecca.

What beliefs are shared by nearly all Muslims?

Muslims must give to the poor and needy.Muslims must fast during Ramadan.

What way must Muslims face when they pray?

Towards Mecca.

Muslims must face what to pray?

Muslims face Ka'aba in Mecca to preform Salat (prayers).

What items do Muslims use when they pray?

Nothing. Muslims need water to wash before prayer. Muslims can pray anywhere, it doesn't have to be a Mosque. Mosques are carpeted to make it cleaner and softer when Muslims bow, but there is no specific items they need to pray.

Do Muslims do anything else before they pray?

Muslims, however makes sure the place is clean before they pray. if they see a bit of dirt, they would clean it straight away.

Why don't Shi'as pray sunnah?

This is not true, as the Shi'a Muslims do pray Sunnah either before or after their prayers, just like Sunni Muslims.

Which religion must pray five times a day?

In Islam the Muslims pray 5 times a day

What is the holy city of Islam that the Muslims must face when they pray?


Do Muslims pray to Muhammad?

No, Muslims do not pray to Muhammad. They pray to God Almighty.

What do Muslim do before pray?

The Muslim does a few things before they pray. The Muslims wash thee hands and arms, face and mouth.

What are the five times of day that the Muslims pray?

A Muslim must pray: at dawn, at noon, in the midafternoon, at dusk, and after dark.

Do Muslims pray to God in churches?

Muslims pray in mosques.

Why you pray to mohamed?

Muslims DO NOT PRAY TO MOHAMMAD (peace be upon him),Muslims pray to ALLAH.

Where do Muslims meet to pray?

muslims meet to pray in mosque

Why pray before eating?

You must pray before you eat to show grace. You must ask the Lord for thankfulness that you have the food provided.

What do Muslims use when they pray?

To perform prayer, Muslims must first perform wudu, or ablution. This requires clean water, though if no water is available, tayummum can be done instead.After this, a clean place is needed to pray. A prayer rug helps provide this, though this is optional.And of course, Muslims must have the heart-felt intention to pray.

Where do Muslim people go for to pray?

they pray because they need to empty there hearts to Allah. They pray to make good things happen to them and bring them good luck. Muslims go to a mosque to pray, but going to a mosque is not a MUST for Muslims, as god (Allah) made a Muslims life as easy as possilbe he just required that Muslims must pray toward to the Holy Qabaa. But of course praying in a mosque haves almost 10 times more good deeds then praying in your house alone.

When are Muslims called to pray?

muslims have to pray 5 times a day