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What must be done to replace the thermostat in a 1984 Honda Accord?


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2004-12-07 13:40:32
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The thermostatis in the water jacket at the gearbox or right hand end of the engine block at the top, follow the top radiator hose. Two 12mm bolts hold the jacket in place. You will need a "genuine" or genuine identical thermostat as the thermostat "floats in the gasket. I fell for the trick of buying a cheaper alternative but they don't fit!! You will aso need a new gasket. Take out the two bolts, remove the jacket, you will have to damage the gasket. Make sure you dont score the mating surfaces. clean up the joint faces. Tst that the replacement thermosatat worksby boiling in a pot of water first. Then fit it in the engine side, will only go in one way up. Fit the gasket put the top jacket on and bolt up. Refill with coolant and run till warm to check for leaks. Don't overtighten bolts as alloy threads.


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