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Chromosome replication must occur.

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What is the DNA of mitosis?

There is no DNA of mitosis. Before mitosis, the DNA must be replicated, which occurs during interphase of the cell cycle.

What must happen to a chromosome before the next mitosis cycle starts?

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What happens during cell cycle?

DNA is replicated before mitosis begins

What phase of mitosis do the centrosomes replicate?

Centrosomes replicate during the S phase of the CELL CYCLE not mitosis. Mitosis is one stage of the cell cycle. Replication does not happen during mitosis(M phase). It happens during the S phase. In fact, the opposite happens chromosomes are consdensed and packaged in preparation for splitting.

During which part of the cell cycle does mitosis occur?

Mitosis is part of cell cycle. It occurs after G2 phase.

During which main phase of the cell cycle do mitosis abd cytokinesis occur?

Mitosis and cytokinesis occur during the mitotic phase of the cell cycle.

Does Mitosis take place during the M phase of the Cell cycle?

Yes. Mitosis does take place in the mitosis [M] phase of the Cell Cycle.

Does DNA replication happen before or after the cell cycle?

It happens during interphase of the cell cycle.

What stage of the cell cycle is the stage of the cell cycle during which the nucleus didvides?

During Mitosis

Why is mitosis an important part of the Cell cycle?

Because the biochemical considerations of Mitosis are present during most parts of the Cell cycle.

What happen in a cell if production of cyclin is halted during a cell cycle?

The cell would remain in the G2 phase and would not enter into mitosis

What happens during the cell cycle?

Interphase, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis.

Why mitosis has to come before cytokinesis in the cell cycle?

If cytokinesis occurs before mitosis,one cell will not have a nucleus.Other cell will have two.

What is the copying of DNA during mitosis called?

DNA is not copied during mitosis. It is copied in the portion of the cell cycle prior to mitosis during the S phase of interphase and is called DNA Replication.

Does a cell divide during mitosis?

Mitosis is the cycle of cell division. If you're wondering about the specific phase in mitosis a cell divides, it is Cytokinesis.

Chromosomes are only present in the cell cycle during?

Chromosomes appear only during the M stage of the cell cycle ( in mitosis).

In the cell cycle during which phase does the cell prepare for mitosis?


During what phase of the cell cycle does the nuclear membrane form?

Its Mitosis

What cell cycle does chromatin condense into chromosomes?

Prophase during mitosis.

During what phase of the cell cycle does cell division occur?


During which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?


When during the cell cycle are chromotomes visible?

Chromosomes become visible during prophase of mitosis.

Chromosomes are replicated during what stage of the cell cycle?

During the synthesis phase, or S phase, is when chromosomes are replicated. This is when all DNA is replicated and happens before mitosis can begin.

When in the cell cycle does the replication of its genetic information occur?

The replication of DNA occurs during the S phase of Interphase, the phase before mitosis begins.

What is the role of proteolytic enzymes in the cell cycle?

It separates the chromosomes during mitosis.