What myths did the Greeks have about weather?

Well, to start, Zeus is the god of the sky, and he controls weather. The second closest one is a Myth about Persephone being snatched up into Hades, and Demeter, her mother and goddess of harvest, was devastated and didn't eat or drink so therefore she starved the earth until Zeus had to give in but only if Persephone had not eaten anything in the underworld. Sadly, she had eaten six (and only six) Pomegranate seeds, So Zeus had to only give her six months in the upper-world, and six months in Hades, so each year, six months out of the year, (supposedly, around Fall and Winter) Demeter grieves for the loss of her daughter, and (in Spring and Summer) soon after, she rejoices and springs the earth back to life when her beloved daughter comes back, Explaining the Seasons.