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Tornadoes on water are called waterspouts.

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What is another name for a water spout?

Waterspouts are sometimes called "water tornadoes."

Do tornadoes go into the water?

Tornadoes can travel water and not be significantly affected, but most tornadoes stay on land.

Has there ever been a water tornado?

There are no tornadoes that are made of water, but tornadoes do touch down on water fairly often. Tornadoes on water are called waterspouts.

What type of surface area do tornadoes and hurricanes form?

Hurricanes can form only open warm ocean water with a temperature of least 80 degrees or 26 celsius. Tornadoes can form over land or water. A tornado formed over water is called a waterspout. Tornadoes can almost anywhere in the world with the right weather conditions. Their have been tornadoes on six continents. Hurricanes form in the tropics and then follow paths that take them either over land or they or they stay over the open ocean.

Can tornadoes travel over a body of water?

Yes, tornadoes on water are called waterspouts.

Do tornadoes start over water?

They can, but they usually don't. Tornadoes on water are known as waterspouts.

How do tornadoes effect water sources?

Tornadoes do not have any significant effect on water sources.

Where do tornadoes form a lot?

They mostly happen in fields open areas.

Are water spouts water tornadoes whirl winds?

yes water spouts are whirl winds and yes they are water tornadoes

Do people name tornadoes?

No. Hurricanes are named but not tornadoes.

Do tornadoes form on cold water only?

No. Tornadoes usually form on land, not water. Tornadoes on water are called waterspouts. Tornadoes are spawned by thunderstorms, which are fueled by warm, moist, unstable air. A cold body of water tends to stabilize the atmosphere, making thunderstorms and tornadoes less likely. A warm body of water has the opposite effect.

Can tornadoes occur in the water?

Tornadoes cannot occur underwater, but they can form on water just as they form on land.

Does tornadoes form by land or water?

Tornadoes most often form on land, but they can form over water.

Can salt water make tornadoes or sugar water?

Neither slat water nor sugar water make tornadoes. Tornadoes are an atmospheric phenomenon. If you mean those cool little tornadoes in the 2-liter soda bottles, both CAN make them. They will be much harder than distilled water though.

Do tornadoes travel through water?

They can, but most tornadoes happen on land.

Does the size of the tornado effect the water temperature?

No. Tornadoes are not a water-related phenomenon. Tornadoes that cross bodies of water will not affect the temperature.

How are tornadoes and the water cycle alike?

There are no similarities worth noting. Tornadoes are indirectly related to the water cycle as they are spawned by thunderstorms, which are part of the water cycle. The tornadoes themselves do not play any role.

Do tornadoes form over cold water or tropic waters?

Generally tornadoes form over land, not water.

Do tornadoes have more than one type of tornadoes?

Yes. If it goes into a body of water it becomes a water spout.

How can tornadoes affect bodies of water?

Tornadoes that travel over water have been known to create a spray of water and occsionally suck up fish and other animals. Strong tornadoes crossing small bodies of water can temporarily change the water level.

Where in the world are people affected by tornadoes?

Tornado Alley gets hit by tornadoes a lot, lots of open farmland (:

Another name you call tornadoes?

Tornadoes are often called twisters.

Can tornadoes call your name?

Tornadoes are severe wind storms and do not speak, let alone call out a name.

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