Adolf Hitler

What nationality was Hitler and why did he want world domination?


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Adolf Hitler was an Austrian. He was a soldier in WWI. As for why he wanted power, he was crazy, (and this is coming from a german)

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The same reason any criminal would want in: power

Because his goal was world domination and we are part of that. Even if he didn't want the US, we did not want him in control of anywhere we import from or reducing our number of allies or to have capability of US destruction

Hitler's goals were world domination, along with the complete anihalation of Jews, blacks, homosexuals, and the handicapped. He wanted to bring about the Aryan age.

A want for world domination. Being extremely evil.

he wanted to change the name of berlin into Hitler and rule the world

Hitler thought that the Jews were unclean, and he wanted to be in charge of the world, and if he was in charge of the world, he didn't want any Jews. So he tried to get rid of them all. Get the drift?

So that he could rule the world.

The one he tought was perfect

Austria and subsequently the world.

so he could rule the world!

The most accepted answer is that Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. If you want to go into specifics, Germany faked a Polish attack on a radio station and that gave them cause to go attack Poland. Hitler wanted to invade Poland to start his "world domination"

It is a 2nd World War patriot song: Hitler is a raver, Newcastle Ale's my lifesaver, Hitler, Hitler, go away, I want my beer on Saturday.

Because he want to kill another people like you :)) .

Hitler and his alike wanted world domination. They had problems crossing the channel without extencive losses. They wanted to bring the English people to their knees or were even hoping for a surrender. It was to break down morale and make England easier to conquer.

He Wanted to rule the world

Hitler did not want to eliminate Catholics.

Because Japan wanted control of the world. They didn't just want to bomb the countries in the pacific, that's just where they decided to start. But, fortunatly, they did not succeed in "World Domination".

He wanted world domination. He wanted to be in control of everything so nothing went wrong for him. He was a complete control freak, ideas about the world being perfect was not why Hitler killed the Jews or homosexuals. He killed them because he thought the only way he could get rid of his fear was to exterminate everything that posed a threat to him. I have a few German friends and very often they have been called Nazi's. This disgusts me. I hate Hitler even without knowing it he has caused huge impredujice and and upset such as rascism in many places today.

world war 2 EDIT (Rigel of Orion): World War II, but if you want to be literal, you could include World War I. Hitler was a soldier fighting in the German Military in World War I.

Many historians believe that Hitler wanted to join a small group where he would have more influence.

Hitler was an Anti-Semite. He considered Jews to be an inferior race and blamed them for Germany's loss during World War I.

what did hitler want to creat or do if anyone knows reply to my blog

he killed 1/4 of the Jews in the world he killed 1/4 of the Jews in the world

well he wannad the world so he need the land or then ikts not the hole world

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