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What natural disaster did the earthquake in japan cause?


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The earthquake caused a tsunami


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The earthquake was a natural disaster and the tsuami was triggered by the earthquake.

The Great Kantō earthquake.

I think earthquake is the most common natural disaster.

I suppose anything. Fires, the earthquake that just hit Japan,

We are currently in a natural disaster in Japan.

the tsunami and earthquake that happend in 2011 and also the nuclear reaction

The Great Kanto Japan earthquake was a disaster in 1923.

Many people consider the recent earthquake in Japan (8.9 on Richter Scale) to be unprecendented in devastation.

The Japan Tsunami/Earthquake/"Disaster" happened on March 11, 2011. Well, here it would be the 10th when it happened, but in Japan it was the 11th.

March 15, 2011. (The earthquake)

no...the earthquake did not cause a hole in the earth

The recent disater started with an earthquake which precipitated an tsunami.

Earthquakes can cause avalanches or mudslides that wipe out forests. they can trigger tsunamis and wake volcanoes. the 1707 Hōei earthquake in which a earthquake in Japan cause Mt. Fuji to erupt. they can also make cracks in gravel.

An earthquake and the tsunami. It was the 5th worst earthquake in the world. The worst disaster for Japan.

Japan is a disaster-prone county. Hence it is always prepared by regulators to act immediately when disaster strikes. After the event of a natural disaster they work together harmoniously to get their country back to shape.

NewOrleans, (hurricane), Haiti, (earthquake),Japan (earthquake)Srilanka(tsunami), Turkey (earhquake), Chile (earthquake)

Yes, Japan is prone to natural disasters. :)

Japan had an earthquake and a tsunami because the the pacific tectonic plate slammed against the plate japan was on and cause an earthquake in the water causing a tsunami.

Earthquake....9.9er, Tsunami, and now nuclear leaks.

Earthquakes are the most common natural disaster in Japan. Japan has continuous earthquake activity because of it's position. It sits on a subduction zone, which is where one plate is being forced beneath another. It is also at the meeting point of two pieces of the giant Pacific plate, which are moving in different directions along side each other. In Japan, hardly a day will go by without an earthquake. Most of these earthquakes are very minor, though every year there are a few that are strong.

Natural disasters that affect Japan include typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and tornadoes.

Haiti earthquake, Pakistan Floods, Chilean earthquake, New Zealand Earthquake, Japan earthquake, Japan Tsunami

Earthquakes are th most common natural disaster to to hit Japan.

The earth quake and tsunami in japan

no it was caused by the tectonic plates the nuclear plant disaster happened because of the earthquake

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