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Zebra mussels do not have many natural predators in North America. But, it has been documented that several species of fish and diving ducks have been known to eat them.

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Q: What natural enemies does a Zebra Mussel have?
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What is the ecological niche of a Zebra Mussel?

The niche of a zebra mussel is in ballast waters. A niche of a zebra mussel is where the zebra mussel occupies its "habitat".

How are zebra mussel born?

A mother zebra mussel pushes out an egg that grows into a another zebra mussel.

How can natural predators be used to control zebra mussel population?

because they are cool

Do Zebra Mussels Eat Algae?

A Zebra Mussel is a mollusk that can have a shell with stripes that resemble a zebra. Zebra Mussel's do mostly eat algae.

Where is zebra mussel?

in the water

What organism starts with an z?

zebra, zebra mussel,

How are zebras born (egg)?

A mother zebra mussel pushes out an egg that grows into a another zebra mussel.

Are zebra and zebra mussel closely related?

No. Zebra mussel are only called so because of their black and white appearance. Zebra are not mussels at all, but are equines.

Natural enemies of a zebra?

The zebras natural enemies are: Hyenas, lions, cheetahs, and wild dogs Hope that helped!

Where did zebra mussel come from?


What is a origin zebra mussel?


How did the zebra mussel get to Lake Erie?

The zebra mussel was carried on the ballasts of ships coming from the Caspian Sea region of Eurasia.

Is a zebra mussel a carnivore?

it is if u think it is

What is the scientific name for the zebra mussel?


Is a zebra mussel an Exotic Species?


What species is a zebra mussel?

Dreissena polymorpha

Is a zebra and a zebra mussel closely related?

No, not at all. They are completely different things. Zebras are very distantly related to zebra mussels, the only connection being that they are both members of the animal kingdom. The name zebra mussel is based only on the somewhat stripy appearance of the mussel, not on an actual relationship to the zebra.

How was the zebra mussels introduced?

the zebra mussel was introduced in 1988 in a lake in onario.

Is a zebra mussel a producer or consumer?

a zebra is a consumer because a producer is is the start of a food chain. Which a zebra is not

What some negative things about zebra mussel?

zebra mussel are a great nuisance to peopl. the can grow so densely that they block pipelines, clogging water intakes of municipal water supplies, and hydroelectric companies Zebra mussel had killed 10 thousand birds.

Do zebra mussels eat fish?

certain fish can only eat the zebra mussel

Where did the zebra mussel originate?

Zebra mussels were originally native to the lakes southeast of Russia.

What enemies does a mountain zebra have?

the enemies of the mountain zebra is lions and hyenas

What sea animals begin with the letter z?

Zebra mussel Zebra fish Zander Zooplankton

What country did zebra mussels come from?

The Zebra mussel is a mollusc that is native to freshwater lakes in Russia.