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Rubber and Oil (Dutch East Indies) and Iron (Manchuria) were the main targets of Japanese expansionism.

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Q: What natural resources were acquired by the Japanese in areas they conquered?
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Why did the Japanese general Tojo want to gain control of land in northern china?

Answer this question… To obtain natural resources that would strengthen the Japanese military

Why did the Japanese attack Malaya?

The Japanese were after Malaya's oil and other natural resources.

Why did the Japanese attack changde?

IF you mean why did Japan attack CHINA; the Japanese attacked China, because Japan is an island nation with few natural resources, and China has a lot of natural resources, so Japan attacked China to get it's resources to help the Japanese people.

What did the pharaohs in ancient Egypt own?

Pharaohs owned everything in Egypt and the land they conquered. they also owned the natural resources of the conquered land.

Who invaded manchuria?

The Japanese invaded Manchuria for land and natural resources.

Japanese gardens are an example of what?

how people can use natural resources for artistic expression.

What are the advantages of an empire?

The advantages of an empire are basically wealth and prosperity for the conqueror and protection for the conquered. The conqueror had access to the natural resources of the conquered territories and these contributed to its the wealth. The conquered enjoyed the protection of the empire such as its armed forces and its laws and sometimes of its culture.

What are the causes and effects of japan's quest for natural resources?

The cause of Japan's quest for natural resource is the fact that the island itself has few natural resources. The effects of Japan's quest for natural resources include the entering of Japan into WWI and WWII along with the huge leaps in technology created by the Japanese in their hunt for more resources.

Why did Japanese general tojo want to gain control of land in northern china?

To obtain natural resources that would strengthen the Japanese military

Why did the Japanese invade China in World War 2?

Because of its natural resources of iron and coal

To get the natural resources their country lacked Japanese military leaders staged their own invasion of?

The Phillipiness

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What was Japan's policy of expansion in the early 20th century motivated by?

The Japanese expansion policy was motivated by a lack of natural resources.

What Japans policy of expansion in the early 20Th century was motivated by?

The Japanese expansion policy was motivated by a lack of natural resources.

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