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What needs an answer but does not ask a question?

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βˆ™ 2008-12-14 01:14:24

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A baby. A telephone. A door.

2008-12-14 01:14:24
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Q: What needs an answer but does not ask a question?
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A question needs to have who, what, when, where or how to get an answer. Your question doesn’t ask one of those.

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What does not ask a question but needs an answer?? A PHONE!!

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Not necessarily. It may be necessary to ask a question to clarify the inquirers precise needs.

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someone needs to answer this, its a really goodquestion to ask.

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This question needs more clarification as to what the askee is trying to ask.

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A level two question is a question that needs a sort of inferrence or a question that proves that the given lesson was understood. Ask to explain, infer, compare and contrast.

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You can ask a question and answer your own question. You can then ask another question. If you ask a question that has already been answered you will see that in the asking process.

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I am concerned and want to ask a question of the Commision on debtes

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you don't have to ask a question

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To ask a question of wiki, you must sign in and ask your question on your resource box.

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You need to ask one question at a time. Which term to you want to know about?

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This question needs to be reworded. As it is, it makes no sense. Please rethink what you are trying to ask and repost the question. Many of us will be happy to help you out .

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dont be a fu.cking wretard

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Ask a question isn't a question

Let a me ask you question is this a question or statement?

this is a question. how can you make , are there any reasons to drink and drive? , into a statement? Let me ask you a question. Is a statement but, Let me ask you a question is this a question or a statement? Is a question.