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What needs replaced on a 2002 volkswagen jetta if the car runs hot but doesn't over heat?

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2007-04-04 11:31:49

The cap to the expansion tank (or a radiator cap) may need to be

replaced. These go bad and allow the temperature to slowly start

rising. Or maybe your existing cap is loose---try tightening it.

Radiator or water pump. Check your maintenance schedule and see if

you are due for a water pump/ timing belt. If the car has over

100,000 miles, the radiator can't hurt. DO NOT USE TAP WATER IN

YOUR COOLING SYSTEM!!!!!!!! pre mixed 50/50 coolant or dilute with

distilled water. Tap water is full of minerals which will buildup

in the fins. Thats' my first guess, I need more info otherwise. Try

changing the thermostat.

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