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first and foremost x-rays should be done.if space won't be enough,i recommend using myofunctional appliance if space is not enough and afterwards use braces to turn the tooth.

It could correct itself, but I would take him to a dentist to have it looked at. You can wait until it is all the way in to be sure it won't twist the right way on the way down, if you want. There are lots of things that can be done if it doesn't correct itself. If you don't have dental insurance, the average fees for this type of visit will be about 85 dollars for the exam and one xray.

Don't worry--it is a common problem for teeth to come in at angles. Go to your dentist/orthodontist and get an evaluation (this usually includes having a few x-rays and photos taken). After that, braces will most likely be the next step taken. Think about 18 months. The only catch is that you will most likely have to wait until your 8 year old has all of his/her permanant teeth.

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