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You have to have two objects at different temperatures near each other, when two or more objects have the same temperature.

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What would happen if there was no thermal energy?

Without thermal energy the Universe would never have formed.

What are the energy transfers that happen in a generator?

mechanical energy gets transferred into electrical energy.

What happen when thermal energy is taken away?

What happens when thermal energy is taken away

Why do appliances need to transfer energy?

nothing can happen without energy being transferred

What happen when thermal conduction occurs within a solid?

That means that heat is transferred from one part to another.

What will happen if heat is not present as a source of energy?

Then there is not as much thermal energy and the temperature is lower.

What energy changes happen in a solar panel?

Solar or light energy is converted to electrical energy or thermal energy

What forms of energy happen when you strike a match?

thermal energy occurs also mechanical and kinetic energy

Why does thermal energy transfer by conduction or convection cannot happen in space?

Convection is transfer of thermal energy using particlesConduction is the transfer of thermal energy through a solidRadiation is the transfer of energy using the waves ex.The waves from the sun in space

What will happen If the energy content of an object continually increases?

What type of energy? Thermal, kinetic, gravitational, electrical?

When does chemical energy change into nuclear energy?

This does not happen, they are quite differenwell sometime chemical change into nuclear by going to thermal energy

What happen during an Exothermic Reaction?

Heat energy, derived from the chemical potential energy of the reactants, is transferred to the environment by the reaction.

How does convection happen when a hand feels hot when placed over a lit match?

The gases from the burning match are lighter (or more precisely: less dense) than the surrounding air, because of the heat; therefore they rise.

How does energy transfer happen in an earthquake?

Energy is transferred during earthquakes by mechanical waves that travel through the earth. These are known as seismic waves.

What happen to internal energy in non stable equilibrium state in engineering thermodynamics?

energy increases or decreases until a stable or quasi-stable state is reached

Where the energy transfer happen when earth matieral increases in temperature when put under a lamp?

Energy is transferred from the photons in the light to the molecules of the earth material.

What will happen to the atoms or molecules of a substance when it melts?

the atoms will begin to giggle around more as they gain thermal energy.

When you clap your hands what energy changes Happen?

potential energy, (the energy that remains that could turn into motion) turns into physical energy. after multiple claps potential turns into physical and thermal (heat)

Who and when invented thermal energy?

Nobody invented thermal energy. Thermal energy has been available almost for ever. Stars radiate energy and that electromagnetic radiation is converted to thermal energy by whatever object it falls on - planet, satellite, meteor, comet, dust particle, etc.

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