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Only four new blasters were released in 2009. Here is a short description on all of them.

The Furyfire is a new Dart Tag blaster. It comes in a set of two blasters, an orange and a green blaster, and holds 10 Tagger darts. It has a revolving barrel like that of a Maverick REV-6 and shoots up to 30 feet on average. It will come in a set that costs around $39.99 USD.

The Raider CS-35 is the third clip system blaster, and the first not to use the standard 6-Dart Clips. It comes with a 35-dart drum, nearly 6 times the capacity of the 6 dart clip, as well as a new stock. It comes in blue and not yellow like the rest of the N-Strike line for some reason.

The Stormfire is a new single-fire Dart Tag blaster. It holds 3 Tagger darts and is cocked like a Maverick but does not have the revolving techniques. It comes in the new "Capture the Flag" set with two blasters, orange and green, as well as an electronic "flag".

The Tech Target is a set that has been around since the beginning of the decade, and it is receiving an update this year. The old blaster is gone, replaced this time with the Reflex IX-1 that we first saw last year.

I know this was two years ago but I hope this is a good future reference.

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When will the 2009 Nerf guns come out?

The Nerf guns are oboiusly coming out in 2009 but i think itsl June to September. some are coming out in fall too.

What are the Nerf guns that are coming out in 2009?

the raider is coming out September 9 the red shift has all ready come out in Bristol Florida and in 2010 more guns shall be coming out

Will Nerf keep making Nerf guns?

Yes.More series are coming out.

What Nerf guns coming out 2011?

The new Nerf guns for 2011 aer unknown. But two new Nerf guns that are coming in Spring 2010 are the Long Strike CS-6...the upcoming longest Nerf blaster that will beat the long shots length and the Nerf Deploy CS-6...I know this because when you pause at the right time on the 2010 Nerf commercial you will see these 2 guns and when you go to the Nerf website they are advertising these guns. =)

What Nerf guns are coming out in 2011?

People don't know yet. But this coming 2010 the following Nerf guns may or may not come out due to the sales of the previous Nerf guns are doing well. here they are. Stampede cs12 Spartan ncs12

What Nerf guns are coming spring 2011?

Nerf Spampede Nerf Barrel Break Nerf Alpha Trooper And some more

What new Nerf guns are coming out in 2010?

Nerf deploy cs 6 and long strike cs 6.

When are the Nerf guns of 2009 coming out?

i dont know 2009 i gues i looked it up and it said that they will be coming out from June to September or something like that. the n-strike spartan ncs-12 is waiting until december. the raider is coming out in summer

What the name of company that makes Nerf guns?

NERF. who do you think makes "nerf guns"

Where can find previews of upcoming Nerf guns?

i found most upcoming Nerf guns on youtube 2010 Nerf guns

When will the Nerf bullshark coming out?

it will not be coming out in 2009 but it in my area but in 2010 it may come out

Who inevented the Nerf guns?

I think the Parker brothers invented Nerf guns.

What is the plastic type in Nerf guns?

Nerf guns are made from ABS plastic.

Will there be any new Nerf guns for 2010?

Ya there will be i already seen some coming out :D

What is better Nerf guns or laptops?

TOTALLY Nerf guns. But if you want the best Nerf gun, get the NEW NERF VORTEX FIREFLY TECH LUMITRON

What is the name of the newest Nerf guns?

The newest Nerf guns as of March 2010 is; The Nerf Deploy CS-6 and the Nerf Longstrike CS-6.

Where do you get Nerf guns?

You can get Nerf guns at wal-mart, target, and any type of superstore.

When are the new Nerf guns coming out?

Nerf usually releases a new blaster around the Christmas season, so it is likely that's when the next blaster will be released.

How did Nerf guns start?

Parker Brothers developed Nerf, beginning with a foam ball four inches in diameter. Nerf Blasters, or Nerf guns, were developed and sold in the 1970s.

How many kinds of Nerf products are there?

There is Nerf basketball, Nerf swords, Nerf guns, Nerf footballs all sorts

Is the Nerf Nerf dart tag better than the Nerf maverick?

Dart tag is a line of Nerf guns and the maverick is just a gun. Yes the maverick does not stand a chance,because dart tag is a whole line of guns and now dart tag has new gun coming out.Go to http://rub101nerf.blogspot.com/ for more info

What Nerf guns are in oz?

most Nerf guns are available in Australia and Kmart has lots in most their stores

Why are Nerf guns blue?

because it got changed and Nerf guns were really blue in the first place

What company makes Nerf guns?

Nerf, a division of Hasbro.

Are there new Nerf guns for 2010?

yes there is the spartan-NCS12 coming out in spring Also, the "Deploy" and the "Longstrike" (not the "Longshot")

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