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Successes: Categorized 122 new animals and 178 plants, mapped the geography, and achieved friendlier relations with the native. Failure: They did not find a route to the Pacific Ocean completely by river.

Antelope bush

Aromatic Aster

Aromatic Sumac


Black greasewood

Blue Flax


Bur Oak

Broom Snakeweed

Canada Milk-vetch

Common Horsetail

Common Juniper

Common Monkey-flower

Creeping Juniper

Curly-top gumweed

Dwarf Sagebrush

Eastern Cottonwood

False Indigo


Fringed sagebrush

Golden currant

Gumbo evening primrose

Indian tobacco

Lanceleaf sage

Large-flowered Clammyweed

Long-leaved Sagebrush

Meadow Anemone

Missouri milk-vetch


Needle-and-thread grass

Pasture sagewort

Pin Cherry

Ponderosa Pine

Purple Coneflower

Purple Prairie-clover


Raccoon Grape

Red false mallow

Rigid Goldenrod

Rocky Mountain Beeplant

Rough Gayfeather


Silky Wormwood

Silver-leaf Scurfpea


Spiny Goldenweed

Thick-spike Gayfeather

Western Red Cedar

White Milkwort

Wild Alfalfa

Wild Four-o'clock

Wild Rice

Wild Rose

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Where did Lewis and Clark go after Sacagawea and her husband joined the expedition?

Actually, he joined the expediton when Lewis and Clark found them.(Toussaint and Sacagawea)

How old was Sacagawea on the Lewis and Clark expediton?

16 or 17 years old.

What Regions Did The Lewis And Clark Expediton Explore?

lousisana purchases and the organ country

What did Lewis Clark discover?

Lewis clark was first to discover Washington no joke!

Who died on the Lewis and clark expediton?

Only one guy died on the expediton....his name was Sargent Floyd and his appendix burst its called appendicitis.

When did Lewis and Clark start their expediton?

On May 14. 1804. They traveled with 42 people.

Why are the Lewis and Clark caverns named after Lewis and Clark didn't discover them?

Because at the time they were named,nothing in the west was named after Lewis and Clark.

How many plants and animals did Lewis and Clark discover?

I know where u live Sn0_0ks look out ur window

When did Lewis and Clark discover antelope?


What landmarks did Lewis and Clark discover on their expedition?

the landmarks lewis and clark dicoversed on their expedition is the john handcock

What medicinal plants did Lewis and Clark discover and how did they affect medicine back East?

Purple Coneflower also known as Echinacea.

Did Lewis and Clark discover the blue catfish?

yes they did discover the blue catfish

Did Sacagawea have a girl?

Yes. It was her second child. Her name was Lisette. She was born 6 years after the Lewis and Clark expediton in 1812.

When did Lewis and Clark discover Oregon?

1805 and 6

Did Lewis and clark discover the Columbia river?


Did Lewis and Clark discover the grizzly bear?


Did Lewis and clark discover a buffalo on their expedition?


When did Lewis and Clark discover the new species?


What Indians did Lewis and Clark discover on their journey?


When did Lewis and Clark discover the purple prairie clover?


When did Lewis and Clark discover the bobcat?

somewhere around my butt

Did Lewis and Clark discover Washington state?

Yes, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark did discover Washington State. But without Sacaguea's help the expedition, it would've taken much longer

What did Lewis and clark accompilish?

They explored the Louisia Purchase Found a quick water route to the Pacific Discover new species of plants and animals

Why did Lewis and Clark take separate routes?

By splitting up they were able to see much more of the territory and to discover more plants and animals.

When did Lewis and Clark discover the prairie dog?

September 7, 1804