What new program exist to protect Windows operating systems such as vista?

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Having an antivirus is the main way to protect computers, but by default Windows has Microsoft Essentials and Windows Genuine Validation.
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Will Civilization 4 play on the new Vista operating system and if not what do you need?

I can for sure tell it did not work for me. My HP laptop with Vista was two days old, but collapsed completely and was dead for a long time. I thought everything was over, but one technician took out the battery and started the computer. It turned out that the battery was completely dead. Before I t ( Full Answer )

IN which Programming language Windows vista is written?

Correct Answer . Windows Vista was programmed in multiple languages for different things. The entire kernel was written in C, while other parts used C++ and possibly .NET. Managed code may have also been used for some upper-level applications. Assembly would've been used for device interaction ( Full Answer )

What other operating systems exist besides Windows?

For personal use the big ones are Windows and Leopard for MacOS (Apple computers). There are a number of Linux flavors which exist. Another OS is ReactOS. That is a free, open source clone of Windows, though it has a long ways to go. There's a full list of Operating Systems on Wikipedia. Search " ( Full Answer )

Which is the best operating system between Windows XP and Windows Vista?

XP and Vista are different, each with strengths and weaknesses, so it is difficult to label one as "better", although many would answer based on personal preferences, and for most people that would still be XP. In reality, the best choice between XP and Vista depends on where and how it will be u ( Full Answer )

Why is vista not a good operating system?

It requires powerful computer, and it's not compatible with many good products. Visit Microsoft.com to check compability of your favourite programs.

What new in Windows Vista?

On the programming level, everythins is new starting from the core and finishing with drivers and interface. Also, vista Aero Glass requires pixel shaders 2.0. Practically it's not better than windows xp.

What are the Windows Vista system requirements?

The full system requirements for all editions of Windows Vista can be found at the enclosed link. On their website, Microsoft also offers a free download of their Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, a program that will analyze your particular PC to see which version of Vista will run best on your system. ( Full Answer )

What does Vista in the operating system Windows Vista mean?

Vista is Italian for "view" or "see." For example, "Asta la vista, baby!" means "See you later, baby!". Solution: Windows vista means operating system it is upgraded version of windows xp. development by microsoft.

How do you run an old PC with no Operating System on a network boot from a Vista system EDIT2 I wish to access the programs from the vista system?

You will need some way to network these machines first. I'd recommend a simple 4 port switch. To keep things simple, just put Linux onto the old computer. Go back to your vista machine and enable file and printer sharing. Go back to the Linux machine and locate the drive. As a side note about a s ( Full Answer )

What is one of the main differences between Windows Vista and earlier versions of the Windows operating system?

Windows Vista has a number of significant differences from earlier Windows operating systems but probably the most significant is the graphical appearance. It's theme can be described as glassy with transparent glossy frames around windows which you can tint different colors in the Control Panel.. ( Full Answer )

Discuss in detail the process management memory management io and file management and security and protection in windows vista operating system?

Each process in Windows Vista operating systemcontains its own independent virtual address space with both code and data, protected from otherprocesses. Each process, in turn, contains one or more independently executing threads. A threadrunning within a process can create new threads, create new ( Full Answer )

Where is the system tray in Windows Vista?

As of Windows XP, it is no longer called the System Tray. Instead, it is referred to as the "Notification Area." It is located in the same place it has always been - when the task bar is in its default location, it is on the right side of the task bar, immediately to the left of the clock.

Your computer operates on windows vista Can you run a program that says to use windows XP or higher?

Yes. The software needs to be able to use the commands and files that are available in Windows XP. Windows Vista will have these available as well as other files and commands that have been developed since Windows XP was released.. However, do not confuse this with device drivers. If you have a pie ( Full Answer )

What is UAC in Vista Operating Systems?

UAC is the User Account Control. That is an added security measure to prevent certain manipulations to the system. That would include messing with the system root or the program files, adding or removing programs, installing drivers, installing ActiveX controls, adding or removing user accounts, con ( Full Answer )

You have Vista home 64 bit as operating system and it does not support C programming What should you do.?

A program in C usually compiles to a regular .exe on Windows, so Windows Vista Home 64 bit (or any other Windows system, for that matter) should run a program written in C just fine. The thing is that you shouldn't count on Windows having a C *compiler* installed by default (unlike Linux or Mac whic ( Full Answer )

How to Uninstall a program on Windows Vista?

Go to control panel, and then click program and features. Double click the program you don't want and it will appear with a window to uninstall. Hope that helps

How can I change Vista operating system to Windows Xp?

You know what is sad? Not people like you that asking how to do something as stupid as this but the people that actually providing the help on how to do it!. BSOD is right there is nothing wrong with yahoo messenger on Vista and this is definitely not a reason to do something as stupid as this.Provi ( Full Answer )

Is the apple operating system compatible with Windows Vista?

The Mac OS (Apples's operating system) and Windows are two separate operating systems. Neither runs on top of the other, technically. However, there are emulators, both hardwired as well as software-based so that the Mac can run Windows software. Generally, you have to partition your hard drive on t ( Full Answer )

What operating system did Windows Vista replace?

Windows Vista was technically the replacement for Windows Xp. However, it was so unpopular that many users simply waited for the release of Windows 7 to upgrade.

Where can one find downloads for the Windows Vista operating system?

The Windows Vista OS can be downloaded from the Microsoft website and placed onto a writable disk or flashdrive, provided the user is in possession of a valid product ID or proof of purchase. Most other locations, including many sites that host the OS as a torrent file, are illegally distributing th ( Full Answer )

Did bill gates do the programming for the windows operating system?

Possibly he did part of it, but by that time he had a company (Microsoft) with many programers. Gary Kildall was the first person to create an operating system for the computers which was separate from the hardware. He was a PhD in computers and he named his system CP/M. The first versions of Wi ( Full Answer )