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Mr. Lorry has the news that Lucie Manette's father is not dead, as she believed, but has been imprisoned by the French for the last 18 years and was waiting in France to be rescued.

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Who are Mr Lorry and Jerry in A Tale of Two Cities?

Jerry was the messenger. Mr. Lorry was the businessman

Why does Stryver stop in to tell Mr Lorry of his plans?

it's because mr. lorry is friends with the manettes.

Why does mr lorry look familiar to miss manette?

Miss Manette was raised by Mr. Lorry when she was younger

Who are Mr Lorry and J erry in The Tale of Two Cities?

Mr. Lorry is Dr. Mannetts Banker and Jerry is Mr. Lorrys messinger

Which character met with Mr Lorry at the hotel in A Tale of Two Cities?

Ms. Manette met with Mr. Lorry to find out the urgent news about her father. Mrs. Pross, although she came in a little later in the conversation, also showed up to protect her "Ladybird".

What was Mr Lorry most concerned about?

Mr. Lorry did not know how he was going to explain his presence in Dr. Mannette's room. A+LS FTW

Why does Mr Lorry go to Dover England in A Tale of Two Cities?

He goes to Dover to meet Lucie Manette, a 17 year old girl who is an orphan of Telsons Bank. Mr. Lorry has to tell her that her father is alive and not dead. The reason he tells her this news is because her father was a good client of the bank and Mr. Lorry also brought Lucie over to England when she was just 2 years old after her mother died. Hope this helped!

How old is Mr Lorry?

In book 3 chapter 9 Jarvis Lorry is 78 years old

In which area did mr lorry work-?

Jarvis Lorry is a banker who works out of Tellson's bank, which has a branch in Paris.

In which area did Mr Lorry work?


Mr Lorry told Charles Darnay he had to go to France to do what?

Lorry was going to France to look after the interests of Tellison's Bank.

What was the strange message in A Tale of Two Cities?

The strange message involves Mr. Lorry. A messenger approaches a mail coach to speak to one of it's passengers, Mr. Jarvis Lorry. The messenger tells him "Wait at Dover for Mam'selle. " Mr. Lorry then gives the messenger his own message "Recalled to Life. "

Why is Mr Lorry going to Dover in A Tale of Two Cities?

Mr. Jarvis Lorry is going to dover to meet Ma'maselle- Lucy manette- and tell her that her dad is alive and is "recalled to life"!!!!

What did Mr Stryver do on his way to propose to Lucie Manette?

Mr. Stryver stopped by Tellson's Bank to talk to Mr. Lorry.

Why did Mr Lorry want to move Lucie out of the Tellson Bank building?

Lorry was afraid that lucies presence would endanger the security of the bank

Whose story did lorry tell Lucy in the story A Tale of Two Cities?

Mr. Lorry told Lucie her father's story of imprisonment and dementia.

In the Tale of Two Cities what advice does mr. lorry give stryver about marrying lucie?

Mr. Lorry advises Stryver to delay his proposal to Lucie. He wants to make sure the Manettes would accept the offer of marriage.

Which of the statements is a fact from the reading passage?

Mr. Lorry was a frequent visitor to the Manette home.

What connection did mr lorry have to miss manette when she was a small child?

Mr. Jarvis Lorry was still working for Tellson's bank twenty years prior.. and he was an executor at the bank where all of Dr. Manette's affairs were handled. When he "died", and his wife 2 years after, it was Mr Lorry who was in charge of everything. Including his daughter. Because the Manette's were clients, and only "buisness" he was the one who took Lucy, as a child, to EEngland where she was an orphan.

When was Mr. Lady Records created?

Mr. Lady Records was created in 1996.

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