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What next for warm AC of a 1999 Ford Expedition tested with EZ Chill Recharge Kit showing the pressure was high so no 134a was added?

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Is compressor running? Could be defective pressure switch - system may have to be evacuated and then recharged--bad evaporator

2007-03-27 00:09:59
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Have the a fuel pump pressure tested.

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What causes high oil pressure in a 1998 ford expedition?

Possible clogged oil galley, filter, defective oil pressure gage, or the use of an oil that is the incorrect weight. Replace the oil filter with a Purolator filter and change the oil. Install 5W-30 oil. If the pressure is still high then you need to have the oil pressure tested with an accurate test gage, to see exactly what it is.

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Why is antifreeze in spark plug hole on 1 2 cylinder on 2000 ford expedition?

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