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What non-renewable resources are used to produce gasoline?

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Gasoline is produced from crude oil.

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What is the energy resources that cannot be replaced or are replaced more slowly than they are used?

Do you mean nonrenewable resources? Nonrenewable resources are thing like gasoline and other fossil fuels.

Why are nonrenewable resources bad?

Nonrenewable resources are bad in the way that they cannot be used again. For example, gasoline is a nonrenewable resource. Once we use it all, it is gone. Paper, on the other hand, is renewable. We can recycle paper and use it again and again and again.

Why should nonrenewable resources not be used?

There are a great number of reasons why nonrenewable resources not be used. There is no way to replaces these resources.

What do renewable and nonrenewable resources have in common?

The thing that renewable and non-renewable resources have in common is that they can both be used to produce electricity.

Is gasoline renewable or nonrenewable and why?

Nonrenewable because you cannot reuse it once used.

What resources are considered nonrenewable?

Oil and coal are among the most used nonrenewable resources.

Why are nonrenewable resources used more than inexhaustible and renewable resources?

It is because, more energy comes from the nonrenewable resources than the renewable ones. Therefore we use more of the nonrenewable resources.

What are norenewable resources?

Nonrenewable resources are resources that cannot be used up again

What energy sources are non-renewable?

Natural resources that are used up more quickly than they can be replaced are nonrenewable resources. Earths supply of nonrenewable resources are limited . You use nonrenewable resources when you take home groceries in plastic bags, paint a wall, or travel by car. plastic, paints, and gasoline are made from important nonrenewable resources called petroleum, or oil, petroleum is formed mostly from the remains of microscopic marine organisms buried in the earths crust. It is nonrenewable because it takes hundreds of millions of years for it to form.

What items are nonrenewable?

Oil and coal are nonrenewable resources because they eventually will be used up.

What term refers to a resources that cannot be replaced once it is used?

nonrenewable resources

What are energy resources that cannot be replaced after they are used?


What is one renewable and one nonrenewable resource that can be used to generate electricity?

Renewable resources: water, wind nonrenewable resources: oil, coal

Why is nonrenewable energy considered as nonrenewable?

because once all the nonrenewable resources are finished/used up we wont be able to get them again

What is Energy resources that can't be replaced or are replaced more slowly then they are used?

nonrenewable resources

What are natural resources called when they can be used up?

a nonrenewable resource

How are nonrenewable resources used?

renewable resources are resources that can hget re made if u dint know that your dumb

Why is nonrenewable resources important?

Because of their stored energy. They help create most energy we have. We use nonrenewable resources everyday: commerce, industry, transportation, heating, cooking, lighting, etc. Oils, gases, and coal are used to produce chemicals that make plastics, fertilizers, medicines, and more.

What type of resources are being used up or degraded by humans?


How are minerals and fossil fuels alike and different?

Alike: both natural resources, and both are nonrenewable resources Different: both are used to make different things

What is an example of a nonrenewable source?

A nonrenewable resource is something like oil or coal because they are resources that are used faster than they can be replaced.

Energy resources that are used faster than earth processes can replace them?


Why are nonrenewable resources used more than renewable resources?

Because most of the power is used by nonrenewable resources like gas our cars run off gas. And becuase people dont think aout renewable recources and how to come up with new ways.

How much oil is used to produce a gallon of gasoline?

About 2.14 gallons of crude oil is required to produce one gallon of gasoline.

What do all nonrenewable resources have in common?

Once they are used they cannot be restored, they are only used once and are then finished.