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What not do with a canker sore?

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Don't bite or play with it. Try gargling with salt water to get rid of it.

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Is a cold sore the same as canker sore?

a cold sore is a canker sore on the outside lip a canker sore is anywhere inside your mouth p.s a canker sore can be transmitted to some one else also nobody knows what causes a canker sores but i know some people whom love canker sore because they lick them for pain

Can a person get genital herpes from a canker sore?

You can not get herpes from a canker sore.

Can you still chew tobacco when you have a canker sore?

You can chew while having a canker sore on your lip. If you spit right where the canker sore is though it will burn so just be careful

Can canker sores hurt you?

A canker sore is an open sore inside the mouth, caused by various reasons including stress. They are not cancerous or contagious, and may or may not be genetic. There are no long term effects of having a canker sore.

What is aphthous stomatitis?

canker sore

What is a treatment for canker sore?


What is canker sore in filipino?


Does ice hurt on canker sore?


What does a Canker sore in the mouth look like?

Canker sores look like a pimple.

How do you treat a canker sore?

Orajel works on canker sores. Buy it at most pharmacies.

Are the words canker and chancre interchangeable?

No, chancre and canker are not interchangable. A canker sore is a benign and painful sore on the mucous membranes. A chancre is a painless ulcer on the mucous membranes that is a specific sign of syphilis.

Are canker sore treatments effective?

There is no effective treatment for a canker sore. Canker sores will often go away on their own in a week, but if the pain is too great pain medications can lessen that symptom.

Can you get a cold sore on your tongue?

Inside the mouth, such a sore is called a canker sore. I'm no doctor, but I can tell you that the homeopathic remedy called Borax works like a miracle on canker sores.

Why does your uvula hurt?

You could have a canker sore on it.

What heals a canker sore?

Use for Ciprofloxin

What is singaw in English?

Canker sore

Home remedies for canker sores?

You can speed the healing of a canker sore by dabbing it with goldenseal extract.

What is the easiest and quickest remedy for canker sore?

Gargle or swish warm water with salt in it 2-3 times a day until the canker sore is gone. Salt is a natural healer and is great for canker sores.

Can you get a canker sore on the inside of vagina?

No, a canker sore (also know as a mouth ulcer) can only form inside your mouth. If you have a blister on your vagina it might be herpes.

What if you have a cold sore in your mouth after making out?

A canker sore can be caused by many things. See the related link for more information on canker sores inside the mouth.

What is the quickest way to heal canker sores caused by dentures?

canker sore where my bottom plate sits

How do you stop a canker sore?

You can't stop canker sores, but you can use different painkillers to ease the pain.

What treatment is necessary for a canker sore?

Since canker sores heal by themselves, treatment is not usually necessary.

What is the Medical term meaning cold sores in the mouth?

A canker sore is the sore in the mouth.

Should you be Worried About a Canker Sore?

yes yes