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Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in 1927, a record which stood until 1961. * The White Sox scandal from 1919; they were accused during the 1920 World Series.

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Q: What notable sporting events happened in the 1920s?
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What major sporting events happend in the 1920's?

There were several sporting events in the 1920s. The 1927 World Series is one of the most memorable sporting events. The 1924 Olympics was also memorable.

How was the culture of the 1920s reflected in the arts and literature of the era?

Well the 1920s was called "The Jazz-age". Literature was based on the dramatic events that happened during 1920s . In art , the pictures would express the dramatic event that happened.

What big events happened during the 1920s?

well it was known as the jazz age and it was also known as the prosperity age

Installment buying in the 1920s?

this is the thing that has to do with installment buying. it happened in the 1920s!

Major events in the 1920s?

Harlem Renasinats

What happened in the UK 1900-1920s?

The Great War and the Spanish flu epidemic.

How did World War 1 affect movies in the 1920s?

Due to the magnitude of the conflict involved in World War 1, movies in the 1920s were centered around it. Some depicted real life events that had happened during the war while others were fictional.

What events happened in Mexico in the 1930s?

Mexicans living in America were deported or pressured to leave the United States during the 1920s but even more during the Great Depression.

What events took place in baseball during the 1920s?

the revolution

What were major events in America during the 1920s?

1920s prohibition the great depression then started in the 1930s and following was the holocaust of the 1940s

How did what happened to farmers during the 1920s foreshadow events of great depression?

The farm prices fell and farmers compensated by boosting their productions. They were not able to purchase their share of America's output.

When was Industrial Revolution happened?

1600's - 1920s

As the 1920s progressed what happened to farm incomes?

They decreased.

What were the political issues in 1920?

absolutely nothing happened in the 1920s

When congress raised tariffs in the 1920s and 1930s what happened?


The Lost Generation of the 1920s?

The Lost Generation of the 1920s refers to a group of American writers and artists who settled outside the United States. Notable members include Paul Bowles, Ernest Hemingway, and Gertrude Stein.

What was the radical culture changes during 1920s?

balls, balls happened.

Which events of the 1920s was most inconsistent with the racial and ethnic intolerance of the decade?

harlem renaissance

How did some of the events of the 1920s reflect national conflicts over social cultural and religious?

The amendment to the Constitution allowing women to vote was a major social event in the 1920s. Prohibition of alcohol was another major event of the 1920s.

Social changes of the 1920s?

In the US the most notable social changes of the 1920's were that women got the vote, and alcoholic beverages were prohibited.

What happened to farmers debts during the 1920s?

the debts were erased because of the dsl tarrifs

What important event happened during the early 1920s?

The most important event of the early 1920s was the amazing upswing in the stock market, which unfortunately was followed by the great depression of 1929.

What economic disaster happened in the 1920s?

The stock market crashed in 1929 which was a cause of the Great Depression.

What happened in America during the 1920s?

In the 1920's it was the roraring tewnties and the great dapression by Ibo123

What happened to labor unions during the 1920s?

They lost power as people made more money.