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Disney Channel is on 724 & Disney Channel+1 is on 725

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โˆ™ 2012-04-07 16:55:19
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Q: What number is Disney channel on virgin?
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Which cable-channel is Disney channel?

Virgin channel 174 :)

What is Disney channel in virgin?

If you mean Virgin Media the channels are: Disney Channel (724) Disney Channel +1 (725) Disney XD (707) Disney XD +1 (708)

What number of Disney channel?

The number of Disney Channel is 666.

What is Disney Channel the phone number of Disney channel?


What is Disney channel number?

Disney Channel Number Is (818)569-7500

What number to call to be on Disney Channel?

No such number exists that you can simply call and 'be on' a Disney Channel show.

What is Disney channel real phone number?

The real phone number od disney channel is (818) 569-7500.

What is the number to Disney singing auditions?

What is the number to Disney channel singing audition

Where can you find Disney channel shows?

ummm...Disney Channel?? That's obvious, I believe you can find some Disney channel shows on channel 67 and all of them on channel 68. I also think there's another channel that will play some Disney channel shows on Saturday but I don't know which number. The above numbers I think are for freeview (but I can't be sure as I don't have it) The sky number for Disney channel is 609. 610 is Disney channel+1.

Does dish network have Disney channel?

Dish Network carries Disney. The channel number varies by location.

Do you have to be a virgin to work for Disney channel?

I am sure that Disney is not partial and will accept all qualified people, though it would be wise to keep your virginity.

In Miami Florida what channel is Disney on?

The channel number depends on what cable or satellite television provider you have. If you have DirecTV | Disney Channel is on channel 290.

Whats the Disney channel number?

609 in the UK and Disney Channel plus 1 is 610. Disney Channel plus 1 shows the programmes that were on Disney Channel an hour late, so if you have missed it or want to watch it again, you can, an hour later.

What is the number to be a model or on tv?

what is the number to be on Disney channel

What is the number to be on disney channel?


What channel is Disney on?

The channel number will depend on your local service provider.

What is Disney channel's number?

707 - foxtel

What channel number is Disney XD on?

if you don't have direct TV then its channel 48

What is the channel number for Disney channel?

Depends on your cable provider. For Charter it is 46

What channel is Disney Channel in Florida?

The channel number depends on your area and service provider.In dishnetwork is 172

What number on TV for the Disney channel in Toronto Ontario?

Toronto does no have Disney Channel, But it does have a channel owned by Disney called Family Channel, It provides the same shows and movies that Disney Channnel shows.In Scarborough - 48In North York - 51

What is the channel number of Disney JUNIOR on COX Digital Cable?

The channel number of "Disney JUNIOR" on COX Digital Cable varies depending on where you live, to find out what "channel number" #DisneyJUNIOR is on your system, log onto Cox Cable's website, look for "channel finder" and type in "DISNEY JUNIOR", as well as any other miscellaneous information that the website requires in order for you to find out what "channel number" #DisneyJUNIOR is on your COX Digital Cable system.

What is the channel number for Ideal World Shopping on Virgin media?

The channel number for Ideal World Shopping on Virgin media is 747. Ideal World is a shopping channel that was found in the 1970 and have been broadcasting live for up to 17 hours a day.

Is Hannah the number one show on Disney?

NO!!!!!!!!!!for the last time Hanna Montana is not the number one show on Disney Channel!!

Where can you watch break up in Paris?

you can watch it on Disney channel or Disney channel hbo i forgot witch number its on.but you have to pay for it on Disney channel on demand .(ane i messed up the first one wassuppose to say on demand.)