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What number on the newspaper would you call to try and get a route?

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Ask for the Circulation director or call any person with Circulation in his title.

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What number should you call for the paper route?

What number should I call for the paper route job

How can a 13 year old get a paper route?

Call or go to your local newspaper station.

I would like to start a newspaper route in Nicholasville A.S.A.P can someone help me?

Call the local paper and tell them you are willing to de;liver for them and in what area.

Where can you get a newspaper route to make money?

Look in the classifieds of your local newpaper or you can call or visit the office to see if they have any openings.

What do you call the staff list of a newspaper?

We call a staff list of a newspaper a new person

What do you call a person who deliver newspaper?

A newspaper boy

How do you call the newspaper distributers?

there should be a telophone number lets say 01788 123456789 =tel.no123456789

What do you call the title of a newspaper article?

i guess, We can call newspaper article as "News letter" @____ Billu____@

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What type of newspaper is Laurel Leader Call?

Laurel Leader Call is a thrice-weekly newspaper. The newspaper is published on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in Laurel, Mississippi, USA. The newspaper is a daily newspaper and was founded in 1911.

How do you get a shiney stone in soulsilver?

Route 14 -PokeGear Call (Get someone's number on that route, and they will eventually call you saying they have something for you.), Pokethlon Dome (3,000 points), Bug Catching Contest.

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call it josh's newspaper.

What do you call a person who writes articles in a newspaper?

A newspaper columnist.

What do you call someone that sells newspaper?

Newspaper seller

How can you get a paper route in New York?

all you have to do is call your local newspaper and they willl out you through to the right person to talk to. if there are no spots open ask them to call you if one becomes free. also call back every month to see if a job is open.

Who do you contact at a newspaper to let them know a comic strip is appreciated?

Try calling the newspaper and asking for that section's editor and they should be able to refer you to the proper person or department . [To contact a newspaper you can refer to the newspaper itself for contact information , check your telephone book for their number , call information or call your Public Library and ask for the Reference Desk and they can help you .]

What do you call the title of a newspaper?

The name of the title of a newspaper is called a headline.

What do you call newspaper in Hindi?


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The main headline in the newspaper is called he main headline

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