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Pepperoni has protein content, but is also high in saturated fat and salt content.


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when was pepperoni invented

Pepperoni is not halal...

Pepperoni and Bacon came first. Pepperoni launched in 2005/2006.

That is the correct spelling of "pepperoni".

Pepperoni is originally from Italy.

A pepperoni is a meat.

The breed is swine. Pepperoni is made from pork. Now, when I had goats I made pepperoni with my meat, chevon, but, commercially, pepperoni is pork

"Pepperoni" in English means salsa piccante in Italian.

Pepperoni is a pork sausage.

Pepperoni originates from the US.

A pepperoni is red and the nutrients in it are protein.

The spelling doesn't change: Pepperoni

original pepperoni pretzel :480 Pepperoni pretzel with no butter: 440

his fav is pineapple and pepperoni his favorite topping is pepperoni =D Hawaiian! he said it in one of his interviews. cheese and pepperoni Hawaiian tomatos and salomi it pepperoni

Pepperoni does go bad. However, it lasts for a long time before it does. You can keep pepperoni in your refrigerator for months.

Mustard would complement the pepperoni.

No, pepperoni is typically a pork and beef product.

No. Pepperoni is a noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing. An adjective is a word used to describe a noun. For example, if it was a spicy pepperoni, then spicy would be the adjective describing the noun pepperoni.

Pepperoni is called the same ("pepperoni", masculine noun) in French. Chorizo (a thin, spicy, Spanish sausage) is more popular in France and the noun "pepperoni" might be confusing for French people.

Blondie's Pizza in San Francisco has beef pepperoni.

Pepperoni is a sausage made from beef and pork mixed.

Translation: Pizza de pepperoni

Pepperoni is not usually made from goat meat, but it could be possible. Pepperoni is often made from pork and beef.

Religiously observant Jews will only eat pepperoni if it is certified kosher. Most pepperoni is a pork product, so it will not have such certification. "Fake pepperoni" may be a vegetable or beef product and will, therefore, may have such certification.

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