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Q: What nutrient is not in cheese?
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How much nutrient is in cheese and milk?

There is lots of nutrient in both . Cheese and milk are good for you.

What type of nutrient is cheese?

Cheese is a refined carbohydrate

What is the main nutrient in cheese?

The main nutrient in cheese is protein. It is also a very good source of calcium. This is true of all dairy products.

What is the major nutrient in cheese?

It has love.

What nutrient is vitamin d?


Cheese is high in what nutrient?

calcium and protein

Is cheddar cheese a nutrient-dense food?

Yes it is

What nutrient have milk and cheese and green vegetable?

Milk, cheese and green veg all contain calcium.

Cheese is high in calcium It is also high in what other nutrient?


What nutrient does cheese give us?

its give calcium protein carbohydrate

Cheese milk and cottage cheese are high in what vitamin?

If you are looking for a nutrient, then Milk and Cheese are very high in calcium, however if you want specific vitamins, then they do not have much, but they do contain the most vitamin A.

What nutrient helps you see in the dark?

Cheese and carrots. Approved way tried by me!! xx

Which nutrient provides most energy in cheese?

protein protein

Can you give an example of a sentence using nutrient?

There are many good nutrients in cheese. (I have no idea whether that's actually true or not)

What are nutrient rich foods?

Apples, bannanas, spinach, nuts, colard greens, peas, beans, skin milk, cheese, healthy breakfest cereals.

What are the different between energy flow and nutrient cycle?

well cheese balls transfer the energy while chickens transfer the nutrients and so thats the major difference

What is a nutrient store and nutrient transfer?

what is nutrient transfer

Is calcium a macro-nutrient or a micro-nutrient?

For plants it is a micro-nutrient and for human being it is a macro-nutrient.

Small intestine is to nutrient absorption as blood is to nutrient?

The small intestine is to nutrient absorption as the blood is to nutrient distribution.

What is 'a nutrient'?

What is a nutrient?

What is a nutrient that is needed for growth?

there are so many! there is protein which makes you strong, there is dairy(milk and cheese) which helps your bones grow, there is omega 3 fish oil which helps with daily defenses and many more.

What pollution is it called when a man washes clothes in a stream using a detergent that contains phosphorus?

Nutrient. explanation: Phosphorus gets into the water in the detergent, resulting in nutrient waste because phosphorus is a nutrient -Luisa :)

Cheese has how many calories?

There are different types of cheeses which hold different calorie and nutrient values. The most low calorie cheeses are cottage cheese and ricotta. High calories is Cheddar and Parmesan (on average though it is being used less thus the calories might be less too plus very rich in Calcium). In 100g cottage cheese(1%) there are 72 kcal but in Cheddar around 404kcal.

Is fat a nutrient?

possibly no it is not a nutrient

What is the most nutrient dense food group for calcium out of low fat milk whole milk nonfat milk and cheddar cheese?

Dairy products derived from skim milk are going to have the highest calcium content.