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The small intestine is where nearly all of the nutrients are digested. The stomach breaks down the food into a liquid and the colon absorbs water.

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Are there any nutrients that the stomach small intestines and the large intestine digest?

They digest ALL nutrients. Otherwise you would die because you would get no nutrients.

What is the only organ that can digest all food stuff?

The small intestine can digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which are the nutrients that all foods are made up from. However, the substances needed to digest these nutrients aren't made in the small intestine. The substances are created in the liver, pancreas and gallbladder and are then secreted into the small intestine, where the actual act of digestion takes place.

What is the place where nutrients enter the blood?

Nutrients from food and beverage is absorbed inside the walls of the small intestine. As we digest our food, all nutrients are taken in the small intestine and would most probably then enter our bloodstream from there on.

What is the condition that interferes with the ability of the small intestine to take up nutrients?

Long term side effect of small pox vaccine. Renders villi in small intestine unable to breakdown and digest fats and absorb nutrients.

How does the large intestine digest food?

The large intestine does not digest food. It simply is used to absorb water and compact the stool. The majority of digestion occurs in the small intestine where nutrients are also absorbed for the body. Some digestion occurs in the stomach but is mostly used to decompose the food into a form that the small intestine can digest.

What effect do enzymes in the intestine have on protein?

Once you digest food the enzymes in the intestine will digest the nutrients into small components. So that they could be absorbed by the intestine into the bloodstream, and throughout the body in order to be reused by the body cells.

Does the small intestine digest bread?

Yes, the small intestine does digest the carbohydrates found in bread.

Which structure is responsible for the absortion of nutrients from food?

The small intestine- micro-villi specifically in the small intestine. The micro-villi increases the surface area of the small intestine. which allows more food particles to enter the cells of the small intestine to digest.

Why is small and large intestine important?

You need them to digest food, get nutrients into the body, and remove undigested food.

Which intestine do proteins carbohydrates and fat chemically digest?

neither Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are all digested in the small intestine. The liver, gallbladder, and pancreas secrete chemicals into the small intestine to digest these nutrients. The large intestine absorbs water from the food, leaving behind waste products.

How does an intestine work?

The small intestine absorbs food and nutrients. The small intestine absorbs food and nutrients.

What does the small intestine do to digest food?

The function of the small intestine is to absorb nutrients through millions of vilosities along the intestine's wall, and to push food forwards by the movements of the bowels.

What is the significant role of the stomach?

to break down food and make the small and large intestine able to digest the nutrients

Does the small intestine digest fat?

Yes, the gallbladder and liver secrete bile into the small intestine to digest fats.

Which organ absorbs most of the nutrients?

Small intestineThe small intestine. ?The intestines; the small intestineSmall intestine

Where does the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream occur?

in the Small intestineNutrients are transferred into the blood in the small intestine.

Is absorption taking in nutrients through the small intestine?

Yes, that is correct. The digestive system serves two main functions - to digest macromolecules into smaller products of digestion, and absorption, where these small nutrients are absorbed by the epithelial lining of the villi which line our small intestine, and into the bloodstream.

What organ produces enzymes to digest all nutrients?


What does the frog's large intestine do?

The large intestine digest all the other food that the small intestine did not digest, like fats.

What organ has villi to absorb nutrients?

The Small Intestine.Villi lines the wall of the small intestine.IntestineSmall IntestineThe small intestine.

Do small intestine digest food?


What intestine is responsible for the absorption of nutrients?

The small intestine is responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

What takes in nutrients to the small intestine?

a little hippo named Frederick absorbs all the nutrients and goes to the small intestine and spits it all out into the small intestine

What helps the small intestine?

small intestine helps absorb nutrients

What is removed from the food in the small intestine?

Nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine.