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A downhill ski

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Q: What object is about 2 yards long?
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What is an object that is 3 yards long?

name an object that is 3 yards long

What object is 2 yards long?

something thats 6 feet long

What object is 3 yards long?


What object 2 yards?

a person

What is 2 yards long?

A fathom is 2 yards in length.

How many city blocks is 100 yards?

Many city blocks are 100 yards long.

What is an object that is 22 yards long?

A "chain". A cricket pitch (stump-to-stump) is a chain long.

What object is 5 yards?

Five yards is roughly 15 feet. Quite a few objects are at least five yards long.

How long is 2 meters long?

2 meters long = 2/0.3048 feet = 6.5616798 feet = 6.5616798/3 yards = 2.18723 yards

How many yards of material from a 24 yard length of cloth after 3 pieces each 3 and a half yards long and 5 pieces each 2 and one quarter yards long are removed?

2 and one quarter yards long

How many cubic feet of earth are in a whole 2 yards long and 4 yards deep?

I don't know, but I can tell you there's no earth at all in a HOLE 2 yards long and 4 yards deep.

What is an object that is ten yards long?

a telephone pole, a building, a tree, a street lamp, etc.

How wide and how long is a room with a perimeter of 10 yards and an area of 6 square yards?

A possibility: 2 yards by 3 yards

How many cubic yards of dirt in a hold 6 yards long 2 yards wide and 1 yards deep?

6 x 2 x 1 = 12 cubic yards

How long is Canada in miles?

2 yards long

Jenny digs a hole that is 2 yards wide 3 yards long and 2 yards deep how many cubic feet of dirt?


What objects are 5 yards long?

What objects are 5 yards, 6 centimeters, 2 millimeters, and 3 kilometers?

What is the area of a rectangle 5 yards long and 2 yards wide?

Area = base x height. 5 x 2=10 square yards

If you have 2 yards long and 36 inches wide how many square yards can you cover?

36 inches is 1 yard and so 2 times 1 = 2 square yards

How big is 20 cubic yards of dirt?

One possibility is: 5 yard long, by 2 yards wide, by 2 yards high. 5 x 2 x 2 = 20 cubic yards

What object can be 13 yards?

13 yards

What is the area of a football field 50 yards wide and 100 yards long in square yards?

5000 square yards 50yds x 100yds = 5000yds^2

How long is a football in yards?

2 feet

How long is 2 yards?

6 feet

How many square yards is 2 feet long and 9 feet wide?

It is: 2/3 times 9/3 = 2 square yards