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Saturn is kept in orbit by the sun.

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Q: What object keeps Saturn in orbit?
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What is the force that keeps an object in an orbit?

Gravity is.

What force keeps an object in orbit?


What keeps objects in orbit?

Gravity keeps objects in orbit. It there was no gravity then the object would fly away.

What causes Saturn's rings orbit Saturn?

Orbits are caused by the force of gravity combined with the speed of the object in the orbit. Saturn's rings consist of millions of small rocks in orbit round Saturn.

Can an object stay in orbit around Saturn somewhere else besides the rings?

Can an object stay in orbit around Saturn somewhere else besides the rings

How many earth days does it take to orbit Saturn?

It depends on the altitude the object is above Saturn

What is to move in an orbit around an object called?

Planets orbit around the Sun and moons orbit around planets. The gravity is what keeps them in their orbit. Moon of an object that orbits a planet.

What keeps objects in orbit in our solar system?

Gravity combined with the object's "sideways" (tangential to its orbit) motion. The Sun "wants" to pull the object towards it and the object "wants" to fly of into space. When these two things are balanced the object is in a stable orbit.

Why do objects stay in orbit around a planet?

Because of Gravity and Inertia. Inertia keeps an object moving. And Gravity keeps an object close to the main object it is rotating around.

What forces and conditions cause moons to orbit planets and planets to orbit stars?

Gravity keeps the orbiting object in orbit. If the object has more than a certain speed (depending on the distance from the central object, and the central object's mass), the "orbiting" object would escape. If it has less speed, it remains in orbit.

What keeps the satellite in orbit?

Gravity from the object (e.g. planet, moon e.t.c.) that they are orbiting.

What is the shape of Saturn's orbit?

Saturn's orbit shape is elliptical

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