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What object would hit earth?


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It is quite common for small meteors to hit the Earth. Larger impacts by an asteroid or comet are also possible but happen much less often.

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if the earth had no gravity,any object on the earth would have stood no more on the earth.each object would float.

the ball will go on forever unless it hit another object

An asteroid would hit earth first

If the mars hit with earth the life will end on earth.

No. An object on the Moon will have 1/6th the weight on Earth

If the sun hit the earth we would be all dead.

An object would weigh less on the Moon - about 6 times less - than the same object on the Earth.

Hitting or getting hit by something as small as an earth sized planet would have no effect on the size of a blue giant. I doubt that the planet would survive as a solid body long enough to actually make contact with such an object.

Yes, it would have the same density. The volume of an object does not change no matter where it is. So on the moon the object would have the same mass and volume as it would on earth; therefore that object would have the same density. Density equals mass divided by volume.

Because, either we happen to be in it's way, or the object is pulled in by Earths gravitation field.

Chances are, no. There was some concern in 2004 that the asteroid Apophis might hit earth in 2029, but it is now known that the object will narrowly miss earth, though there is still some uncertainty of a few thousand miles as to how close it will come. There is still a very slight chance that it could hit earth in 2036.Even if we did predict that an asteroid would hit earth, we could not predict the path so precisely as to whether it would hit a particular city.

The strong force will hit the object and may or may notmove it depending on what the 2 objects are. An example would be if the strongest force was the sun and the unmovable object was the earth then the planet would burn up and we would all DIE.

the sun would hit the Earth in about 5000,0000,0000,0000,0000 years

Hi, it is not at all a star. It is meteor. This means a big massive material coming into the atmosphere due to the gravitational pull by the earth. Due to the friction in the air, heat is produced and the object gets burnt. This light looks like shooting. If all the object gets totally burnt and nothing would hit the earth. If suppose some residual thing is there that would hit the earth. This hitting one is known as meteorite. If the size of the meteorite is too large then some large pit would be created on the surface of the earth. Actually Siberian valley is only due to the hit of such large meteorite.

A mars-sized object hit the earth and the piece that broke off became the moon

If an object has a mass of 20 grams on earth, its mass on the moon will be the same. Mass is constant.

If the unstoppable object was smaller, then it would pierce a hole through the immovable object, not moving the object, and not stopping.

Well before it hit the earth, if the sun came toward the earth, it would heat up the earth and everything on it. Then as it got closer and closer eventually it would just burn the Earth and everything on it.

The object that weighs 30N on the moon has greater mass than the object that weighs 30N on the earth. The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1.622m/s2, 1/6 that of the earth, which is 9.8m/s2. So a 30N object on the earth would have a mass of about 3kg, while a 30N object on the moon would have a mass of about 18kg.

The weight of 42 pounds on earth would weigh 7 pounds on the moon.

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