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reflect light well-normally shinysmooth pale colour objects: mirror, glass, shiny metal, tin foil...these objects favour a good image due to the reflection of light is regular do not reflect light well-usually rough, matt , dark colured objects: tree trunk, car wheel, dark carboard, brick, stone, dark opaque plastic... These objects diffuse the picture or do not giva a picture at all because reflected light is irregular.

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What objects reflect light well?

glass ,mirror

What sort of objects reflect light well?


Do shiny objects reflect light well?

Yes. very well

Objects that do not reflect light well?

Dark colors, especially flat black do not reflect light well. Carbon Nanotubes are considered the worst for reflecting light.

What objects do not reflect light well?

objects with dark, rough surfaces.

What objects in space emit or reflect light?

sun, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and meteors

Do only shiny objects reflect light?

No, everything that we can see (besides objects the produce light eg sun, light bulb) reflect light. If it didn't reflect light we would not be able to see it.

Why cant you see your reflection in all objects that reflect light?

Why cant you see your reflection in all objects that reflect light?

Could dark objects reflect light?

Yes. There is hardly anything that reflects NO light; dark objects simply reflect less light than light objects.

Why cant light pass through dark objects?

Dark objects do not reflect light. Light is absorbed by them.

What is it called when objects reflect light?


Why can't you see your reflection in all objects that reflect light?

You cannot see your reflection in all objects that reflect light because of diffuse reflection.

Do black objects reflect all the colors of light?

It absorbs all the frequencies of light, meaning it does not reflect any light.

Why do you see a lemon as yellow?

All objects reflect the color of light that you see. Thus; lemons reflect yellow light rays, limes reflect green ones, and oranges reflect orange light rays. On a final note, white objects reflect all colored light waves, and black objects reflect none. With that said, the cones in your retina register these reflected light rays; thus, it makes sense that rooms without any light are black.

What property of light is similar to the property of sound that produces echo?

Both sound and light waves reflect. Sound waves reflect off of objects to create an echo. Light waves reflect off of objects and point the light in another direction.

What objects in the sky reflect light?

the moon light waves

What non-man made objects reflects light?

Just about all objects reflect light.

What do you call objects that reflect the light from something else?

non-luminous objects

What are some objects that reflect light?

fat kid

What the objects are called that don't reflect light?


What color is produced when objects reflect light?


Why do light coloured objects reflect radiation more than dark coloured objects?

Because dark colours absorbs light, and energy;and its named absortion coefficient. ============================== Some substances and objects made from them reflect more light and absorb less. Other substances and objects made from them reflect less light and absorb more. The ones that reflect more and absorb less are the ones that appear lighter to us. Why ? Because they absorb less light and reflect more of it toward our eyes.

How can you see an object which does not give out light?

Objects which do not give out light can still reflect light.

Why does shiny and light coloured objects reflect more light than rough and dark objects?

Well that is sort of the definition of "shiny" and "light"... The outer electrons in theses materials have the ability to send incoming photons back out.

Why does sunlight pass through some materials and not others?

Because some objects reflect light. which light is reflected determines the color of the object. if light travels through it is translucent. objects that do not reflect or let light pass refract light.

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