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The one with the greatest mass has the greatest inertia. So, it will be the Bowling ball.

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Q: What objects has the greatest inertia baseball ping pong ball bowling ball or marble?
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Which of the following objects has the greatest inertia baseball bowling ball pencil or toothpick?

Inertia is based on mass. The most massive of the four items is the bowling ball.

How does inertia help an object move?

Inertia deals with an objects reluctance to change its velocity. So if its not moving, you will have to exert a large force to get it to move. But once it is in motion, its inertia helps it move by lowering the breaking effect of resistance. If you throw a bowling ball through a grass field, it will go father than a beach ball thrown in a similar manner, because the bowling ball has more inertia!!

What is a inertia?

There is no "A inertia." Its just inertia and inertia is the measure of an objects to stay at rest or to keep moving.

What objects have the most intertia?

Inertia is related to mass; you might say that inertia IS mass. The objects which have the most inertia are the most massive objects. Those are also the heaviest objects, since mass affects weight.

What determines an objects inertia?


Does a massless object have inertia?

Inertia is a property of objects with mass and, as such, a massless object has no inertia.

What does the inertia of and object depend on?

An objects mass is a measure of its inertia.

What is inertia inertia?

An objects tendency to resist a change in motion

What can you say about inertia of objects of equal masses?

Equal inertia.

The amount of inertia possessed by an object is dependent solely upon its?

Inertia is directly proportional to an objects mass. Inertia is the desire of objects to continue doing exactly what they are doing. The greater the mass the greater the inertia.

Is the tendency for objects to change in their motion called inertia?

Inertia is the tendency for objects to "resist" change. So an object with greater inertia will require a greater force to accelerate it.

Do objects with little mass have more inertia then objects wit a lot of mass ss?

No. Its the other way around. Objects with more mass have more inertia.

The defention of inertia?

Inertia is the tendency of all objects to resist change in motion.

Objects with more mass have less inertia?

no more, inertia is proportional to mass

An object's inertia is measured by measuring its what?

An objects mass is a direct measurement of its inertia.

Do Objects with more mass have more inertia?

Yes, inertia=mass*velocity

The study of objects in motion is?


An objects inertia depends on?

its mass

Do moving objects have inertia?


What are the examples of law of inertia?

Static objects are like a book setting on a table is an example of the law of inertia. Objects moving at constant velocity in a straight line are also examples of law of inertia.

The more of this an object has the greater the objects inertia?

well, the more speed the more inertia

What is a bowling pin?

A bowling pin is one of the ten wooden objects that are set up and knocked down in the sport of bowling.

What objects have the most inertia?

A heavier object has more inertia than lighter ones, meaning that mass is the factor that affects inertia.

An objects resistance to change in motion?

Inertia. Inertia applies to both increases and decreases in velocity.

Law of inertia applies to what kinds of object?

The law of inertia applies to all physical objects.

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