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Well, hydrochloric acid is an acid, and calcium carbonate is a base. Therefore there is going to be a spontaneous reaction and will result in the formation of what is defined as a salt, namely calcium chloride and some water.

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Why might you expect magnesium carbonate to behave in a similar way to calcium carbonate?

They are both group 2 elements, separated by only one period.

If you heated limestone how would you expect the mass of the limestone to compare with the mass of calcium oxide?

When you heat limestone it becomes calcium oxide but if you mean calcium carbonate then it should go down slightly due to the release of CO2

Would you expect to find calcium chloride in ocean water?

what do you expeat to find in calcium chloride in ocean water

What happens when you put chalk into water?

If you put a piece of chalk in water, don't expect much to happen. The chalk, which is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), will displace some water and sink. It will grow in mass by a small amount since it is permeable and is absorbing the water.

What element would you expect to behave the most like calcium?

Calcium is in group 2/IIA, so the other elements in that group would be expected to behave most like calcium.

How would you distinguish between zinc nitrate and calcium nitrate?

dissolve both in water and add sulfuric acid to both. in calcium nitrate solution you should expect calcium sulfate as precipitation.

What elements are in bubblegum?

Bubblegum is amde up of organic compounds, forms of synthetic rubber, and sweeteners and flavourings and coloring agents, a trade secret, I would expect to find carbon hydrogen and perhaps nitrogen also some may use "fillers", perhaps calcium carbonate as that is food safe.

What metals does hydrochloric acid corrode?

HCL corrode all metals expect Aluminium . Hence Aluminium container are used for HCL

What two element that would expect to have properties very much like those of calcium?

One is magnesium. Other is Strontium. One below and one above Calcium in periodic table column.

Would you expect to find Calcium uncombined in nature?

yes because it id a natural element and you would get it and make milk out of it

What type of bond would you expect magnesium to be a part of?

Aside from 'The Covalent Bond' type, Magnesium will act chemically like Calcium will.

Why is the formula ca F a logical one?

We would logically expect calcium and fluorine to combine, since calcium is strongly metallic (donates electrons) and fluorine is very strongly non-metallic (receives electrons). The actual formula is CaF2.

What can not dissolve in water?

Things that won't dissolve in water are said to be insoluble in water. Lots of thing are not soluble in water, just as there are a lot of things that are. Carbon won't dissolve in water, to cite a single example. There are a range of solubilities, as you'd expect. A number of substances and compounds are mostly insoluble in water. Calcium carbonate is resistant to solution in water, to name one. Only the smallest amount of it will dissolve in water.

What hormone would expect the body to produce if you did not have enough calcium in your diet?

Your body's hormonal system (the endocrine system) is not programmed to respond to a lack of calcium in the diet. If it did have an opportunity to respond to low levels of calcium it might secrete more calcitonin, the hormone that helps build bone by decreasing blood calcium levels and encouraging the bone-building cells called osteoblasts to produce mature bone cells called osteocytes.

What type of a chemical bond would expect between a calcium atom and a chlorine atom?

A calcium atom will readily form Ca2+ ions while a chlorine atom will readily form Cl- atoms. Thus, ionic bonding is the only bonding that can occur between a calcium and a chlorine atom. The equation for the reaction is as follows: Ca + Cl2 --> CaCl2

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