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In Islam two annual occasions are celebrated as Id. They are the occasion of end of Ramadan (the month of fasting) and Hajj (or Islam Pilgrim) days.

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Id or Eid is celebrated in Islam as a symbol of victory in completing the whole fasting month in Ramadhan.

Islam is not celebrated just like judaism is not celebrated.

In Islam two annual occasions are celebrated as Id. They are: * the occasion of end of Ramadan (the month of fasting), called Id-al-fitr, and * the occasion of Hajj (or Islam Pilgrim) days, called id Al-Adha. Muslims celebrate two Eids which is Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. Eid-ul-fitr is after the month of fasting.

In India the main Islam holidays are Ramzan Id, bakri Id, and Mohuram.

in Spanish it mean occasion la navidad es Una ocasion especial Christmas is a special occasion

its to celebrate the end of ramadan, the fasting month. during this time people go to other peoples houses and have food and give food and invite people. its kind of like christmas. In Islam two annual occasions are celebrated as Id. They are the occasion of end of Ramadan (the month of fasting) and Hajj (or Islam Pilgrim) days.

In Islam the two holiday that are celebrated are Eid al_Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Gifts and food are generally exchanged on these celebrations.

It is used as one on ocasion

Ramadan is celebrated to observe one of the Five Pillars of Islam. This is a month of fasting.

Two main occasions:Id al Fitr: first day after end of the month of Ramadan (9th month in Islamic calendar)Id Al Adha: the 9th through the 12th or 13th of ZU Elhegga (12th month in the Islamic calendar)

It is usually celebrated at home, with many family members.

rafter is may be a party celebrated before id-ul fitr

In Islam there are two major festivals celebrated. Eif-ul-fitr is celebrated after the holy month of Ramadan on the first day of Islamic month Shawal and Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated in the Islamic month of Zil-hajj after the religious pilgrimage of Hajj every year.

You never have again the ocasion after the battle of Canae

Islam celebrates Id - ul - Adha on the 10th of the Islamic month Dhul-Hajja

No, Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims; those who believe in the religion of Islam.

after ramadan's last dayThat is the FIRST day of Shawwal.

On any special ocasionBirthdaysWeddingsRandom Celebrations etc.

I assume you want a translation to Spanish. If so, the translation is "Que fue la ocasion?"

The festival of light is a hindu/tamil festival and is in no way connected to Islam.

Islam celebrates Miland al nabiMuslims are those who practice the religion of Islam.Milad AL-NABI is celebrated by Muslims.

Twice. Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr. :)

Islam is to be practiced. The Muslims practice Islam. They are found almost all over the world. There are 57 Independent Muslim countries where Islam is practiced. Some of these countries are: Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, Egypt, Syria, Libya, West, Jordon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Bangla Desh

Christmas is a Christian festival and not celebrated by Muslims or Jews In Islam: The reason is because Christmas isn't a holiday Jesus celebrated according to Islam. Since Christmas was a celebration of the day Jesus was born, he did not celebrate his birthday. If he did, the Muslims too would have celebrated Christmas. In Judaism: For Jews, Jesus plays no role whatsoever in their religion; therefore there is no celebration for him in their religion.

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