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A writer, dancer, singer - just someone famous

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Anne Frank a life of what?

Anne Frank had a life of depression and poverty, yet she always had HOPE.

What did Anne Frank hope to do after the war?

i think that Anne frank wanted togo back to her own house

What did Anne frank bathe in?

water i hope

What are some books about the Holocaust and Anne Frank?

Anne Frank: Lifetimes Anne Frank by Richard Tames a History for Today Anne Frank by Anne Frank House We all wore stars Memories of Anne Frank from her classmates by Theo Coster Holocaust: The Dent Atlas of The Holocaust the complete history Hope this was a help.

What is one thing that Anne Frank did courageous?

Ann Frank lived and loved when there was no hope to be seen.

What were annes family names?

Anne Frank's Family members were: Anne Frank (of course) Margot Frank (pronounced Margo, Anne's sister) Edith Frank (Anne and Margot's mother) Otto Frank (Anne and Margot's father, the only person to live after the concentration camps) Hope this helped!!

What is a good title for a research paper about Anne Frank?

Hidden Hope

What did Anne Frank used to write her diary?

Anne Frank used her diary to write her emotions and feelings, mostly frustration and anger, but also the most important... hope

How did Anne Frank affect peoples life?

anne frank gave new hope to people. she alway thought tommor would be better day if not today. she gave courage to believe. anne frank become a hero to me and many.~ saru dhung

Did anne frank think about nature god and happiness?

hope faith and destruction

Who was Anne Franks brothers and sisters and family?

Margot Frank (sister), Otto Frank (father), and Edith Frank (mother) hope this helps

What are Heroic Qualities of Anne Frank?

Anne was Brave, Courage, full of hope, determined, daring.She was really intelligent too.

Did Anne Frank win any awards?

Anne Frank, though an amazing person, has not won any awards herself, as she died in the Holocaust of WWII. She has been given many awards for her book, Diary of a Young Girl, though. She has also had many awards named for her, such as the prestigious Anne Frank Awards, and the Anne Frank Humanitarian Awards. Hope this helps! :)

Why did Anne Frank get treated badly?

the Germans did not like the Jews and Anne frank was a Jew they treated all Jews as slaves hope this helped (made by: Melissa cutler, Age: 14

What is the theme of the book Anne Frank remembered?

The theme of Anne Frank Remembered is survival. Meip is constantly helping her friends survive through the hardest of times. I hope I could help! :)

What were some of the things Anne Frank said?

one of the things said was to her diary she stated: "i hope i shall be able to confide in you completely, as i have never been able to do in anyone before, and i shall hope that you will be a great surrport and comfort me." -Anne Frank

What did Anne Frank want in her life?

Anne wanted hope, love , and freedom. She wants to be a grown woman and live her life to the fullest.

Who did Anne Frank share her room with in the secret annex?

Anne Frank shared a room with Fritz Pfeffer but before he moved into hiding with the family, she shared a room with Margot. Hope this helped! x

What member of the franks family survived the camps?

otto frank (anne franks father) was the only survivor of the group anne frank would of had more hope to live if she knew her father was alive

Did anne frank have successes and failures and consequences?

The Success is Her Diary Failure is the Holocaust Hope that helps!

Who was Anne Frank and what haopened to her family?

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl when Hitler and the Nazis were around, and because Hitler opposed Jewish people he killed many of them. But Anne Frank managed to hide in a secret annex somewhere in Germany. Or somewhere like that. I am pretty sure there is a book on it. I hope you find what your looking for.

What was the reaction of German audiences to the diary of Anne Frank play?

i think that the germans were silent at the end of the play The Diary of Anne Frank, because they were in such shock of what had happened and realized that this was a mournful time in history. Hope it helped.

Why did Anne Frank live in the secret annex?

She and the others hid there in the hope of avoiding deportation to an extermination camp.

What are some emotions that Anne Frank felt?

-Love -Despair -Curiosity -Peace -Anger -Denial -Hope

What did Anne Frank write for the first time in her diary?

The first words that Anne Frank wrote in her diary are: "I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support." This is from an entry dated June 12, 1942.