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What ocean fish eat crabs?

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I think that the larger fish eat the crabs when are out looking for a shell ,shell-less. But also it is possible to have a smaller fish eat a crab shell-less depending on the size of the crab.

2008-05-21 12:51:04
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Q: What ocean fish eat crabs?
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What eats crabs in the ocean?

The flat fish that hide under the ocean dirt, are the ones to most likely eat crabs in the ocean. Mostly, the camoflauged fish eat crabs in the ocean. Segulls are also most commenly to eat this to. Seagulls eat crabs that live on the shore or, wah up on the shore.

Where in the food chain are crabs?

Crabs are only part of the food chain in the ocean. Soft shell crabs are eaten by birds, and larger fish. They are predators as well, because they eat other fish in the ocean.

What is a marine decomposer?

Crabs. Crabs eat dead fish, and ocean bottom remains of other dead sea organisms.

Do fish eat crabs?

no I had two fiddler crabs and they caught one of the fish but no fish do not eat crab

What eats snails in the ocean?

Lobsters and Crabs, octopus, Sea Anemones, and sea spiders eat snails in the ocean. A variety of fish also eat snails in the ocean.

What enemys a squid has?

Other squid, fish, crabs. A lot of things in the ocean will eat a squid.

How do fish eat crabs?

fish do eat crabs like the bigger predators (Halibut, Cod, etc.)

Where are starfishes in the food chain?

In the middle because the eat dead crabs,crabs eat fish,and fish eat seaweed.

Does crabs eat small fish?

no they eat dead fish no they eat dead fish

What do porae fish eat?

they eat crabs and small fish

What fish eat crabs?

water fish

Do pet crabs eat fish food?

Yes, pet crabs will very likely eat fish food.

Whatdo crabs eat?

crabs eat small fish like shrimp

What do fish eat in the ocean?

it varies they eat everything from one another to crabs to plankton to dirt and ocean insects it depends on the fish like sharks are fish and they eat meat of all kinds or some members of the shark family (basking, whale) eat plankton it really depends

Do seals eat crabs?

They are known to eat lobsters,krill,crabs,fish, and shrimps.

What do shellfish and crabs eat?

crabs eat anything that is dead and shellfish eats fish

What do ocean fish eat?

ocean fish eat...... THE REAL ANSWER Fish that live in the ocean eat seaweed, algae, or plankton.

What do crabs and fish eat?


What do dog fish eat?

dog fish eat small crabs and lobsters

Do emperor penguins eat crabs?

no they eat fish

What do edible crabs eat?

they actually eat fish

Where are crabs found?

on the ocean floor with the smaller fish

Do spider crabs eat shrimp?

No, but I eat crabs, shrimp, and fish poop. I hope this is helpful.

What do ocean animals eat?

Ocean animals eat a varity of things such as plankton, other fish, sea weed, crabs, shrimp, crill, oysters, clams, ect... And not all ocean animals eat these things only certain species.

What do Crabs and Shrimp eat?

crabs eat baby shrimp and other fish such as clown fish. shrimp eat plankton and other single celled organisms.