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What oceans surround the state of Florida?

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The Atlantic Ocean borders Florida's east coast. Tis is the only Ocean that touches Florida. The Gulf of Mexico borders to the south and west, but is NOT an ocean.

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Which of the four oceans border Florida?

There are 2 bodies of water that surround the state of Florida; The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

What oceans surround the peninsula of Florida?


What is the oceans that surround Florida?

Alantic and gulf of mexico

What is the ocean that surrounds Florida?

There are two oceans which surround the state of Florida. The Atlantic Ocean borders Florida on the Eastern side and the Gulf of Mexico on the western side.

What oceans surround New Mexico?

No oceans surround New Mexico. New Mexico is a landlocked state.

How many islands surround oceans?

Islands do not surround oceans, oceans surround islands.

What seas or oceans surround Slovakia?

No seas or oceans surround Slovakia.

Which oceans surround south amarika?

which oceans surround South America

How many oceans surround Europe?

Antlantic and arctic oceans surround europe

What do oceans surround?

The mainly surround the continents.

What oceans surround North America on what sides?

The Atlantic, Pacific and the Arctic oceans surround north America

What oceans surround Africa?

The Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

What oceans surround Sweden?

The Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

What oceans surround the UK?


What are the oceans that surround the Bahamas?

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What oceans surround Spain?

Some oceans that surround Spain are the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean sea, and the Bay of Biscay.

What oceans or seas surround china?

THe Oceans that surround China include The Pacific Ocean. Which is also known as the China Sea.

What oceans and seas surround Wales?

the oceans that surround wales are: St. Geogre Channel Irish Sea

What seas surround South Africa?

The Atlantic and Indian Oceans surround South Africa. But, they aren't seas, they're oceans!

What oceans surround Italy?

The oceans that surround Italy are Ligurian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Lonian Sea.

Which Oceans surround Vietnam?

Hi everyone, I don't think any oceans surround Vietnam only seas and bays do.

What oceans and seas surround Canada?


What oceans surround California?

The Pacific.

How many oceans surround Canada?

Three oceans surrounds canada.

What are the names of the oceans that surround Canada?

The Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans.