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What oil does a Toro lawn mower use?


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All of them that I've had ran happily on 5W-30.

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SAE 10W30 any major brand. I recommend you use synthetic oil in any air cooled engine.

It depends on the mower. Some use 30 weight. Some use 10w30.

No you can't use a golf cart mower on a lawn mower. You have to find a muffler that matches the make and model of the lawn mower.

SAE 30 weight or SAE 10w30 if it is to be used in cool temperatures. I highly recommend you use a synthetic oil in any air cooled engine. Change the oil once a year unless you mow commercially.

Automotive oil is identical to lawn mower oil. They are both internal combustion engines. I would however recommend you use 100% Synthetic oil in that air cooled lawnmower engine.

You should change the Oil on your Toro Recycler ever 25 hours of use or a period of no longer than one year. For instance if you ran your engine 15 hours this season, you still need to change it in the spring. I strongly recommend Mobile One 0w40 synthetic oil, or 10w30 Castrol conventional. Kevin

Yes. Have done it for over 30 years.

SAE 30 or 10W30 full synthetic any major brand.

Yes, you may use car oil in your lawnmower but it is not recommended to use multiweight oil. Use 30 weight only. Reason; the chemicals in multiweight won't cool the aircooled engine as well as 30 weight. I like Castrol 30 weight. There is no difference in oil for a lawn mower and oil for an automobile.

If its got a oil plug its a 4 cycle, 5w-30 motor oil

You can use it to mow the lawn, as what it should be used for.

is it allright to use 20-50 engine oil if it states to use 30

Lawn mowers can take 2 stroke or 4 stroke oil depending on the type of engine. If unsure contact your lawn mower provider.

no, drain some out until you get the proper level

10w30 or 10w40 seem to work well.

Use the cold start button and check the oil and gas too

Most all riding mowers use SAE 30 oil.

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