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What oil goes in a 1981 Honda 400?

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Use an SE or SF type oil within the range of 5W-30 to 20W-50. (The lower the number, the better the engine will start in cold climates.) A 10W-40 has a constant viscosity and will perform efficiently across a wide range of engine operating conditions. Higher numbers are usually recommended for engine running in hot weather conditions. For more complete information, download the manual. You can download the entire repair and service manual from in Adobe Acrobat PDF format at:

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How much motor oil goes into your Honda xr200 and 400?

1 Qt. 10w40

What oil do you use in a Honda cbr 400?

For the Honda CBR 400 basic oil is used for the motor. You can purchase the oil at a local auto parts store such as auto zone.

Oil capacity on 1995 Honda foreman 400?

The oil capacity of a 1995 Honda Foreman 400 is about 1 quart. The oil weight should be 10w-40. The oil will need to be ATV or Motorcycle oil.

What kind of oil goes into a 2005 Honda trx 450r?

what kind of oil goes in a 2005 honda 450r

What type of transmission oil go in 2006 Honda 400 4x4 rancher at?

2004 Honda rancher tranimission oil

How much oil for Honda EX 400?

The Honda TRX 400 EX has an oil capacity of 1.85 litres or 1.95 quarts. You should also change the filter and use only oil that has JASO MA cerification.

What is the oil capacity in a Honda trx 400 ex?

1.95 quarts

Where is the oil filter located on a 1981 Honda twinstar 200?

The Cm-200 Has no oil filter.

What is the fork oil capacity on a 1981 Honda cb750?

8 oz.

Where is oil filter on 1981 Honda twinstar?

Ain't no filter, dawg.

What is the engine oil capacity for 2005 Honda rancher 400 at?

3.1 qt

What type of oil goes in 06 Honda Rancher AT and how do you reset oil lite?


What kind of oil goes on the left side of the engine on a Honda crf450r?

Motorcycle oil

How many quarts of oil does a 1981 Honda CM400E take?

2.6 quarts

How much oil goes in a Honda odyssey when you change the oil?

5 quarts usually 5W20 oil.

How much oil is used in 1981 Yamaha 400 special?

As much as it wants.

How may quarts of oil does a 1994 400 cc Honda motorcycle hold?


Where is the oil drain plug on a 1981 GL1100 Honda goldwing?

The oil drain plug is on the front of the motor below the oil filter.

What oil to use in a Honda 185xl?

i have always used same as goes in car----10w-40. or the new semi sinthetics will do. iv had it from new {1981} and engine perfect. out on it today.

What's the best kind of oil do you use in my2005 Honda trx 400 ex?

Just buy it from your local Honda dealer.

How tp change oil on Honda foreman 400?

Check out my bio page for help changing your Foreman engine oil.

What motor oil does a Honda 400 cmt use?

SAE 10w-30 Synthetic Oil any major brand.

What oil goes into Honda 919 2006 can you put synthetic oil?

no synthetic, the clutch will slip.

How much oil goes into a 91 Honda accord?

4.5 quarts with oil/filter change.

What weight oil goes in a Honda rancher 350?

Always use 10w40 ATV oil