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UNCLE WIGGILY originally drawn by Howard R.Garis of the Newark Evening News. The title character, a mature and somewhat lame rabbit, wore a top hat all the time and also had a live-in housekeeper who was not a rabbit but a different rodent species, Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy the Muskrat Lady (Why Not Betty Bunny, R.N.?) JHis last name was Longears-there was a Lincoln family estate called Longyears, too close, top hat, wiggily is in one-to-one correspondence with Lincoln, he was a take-off on old Abe (though set in twentieth century) and as described had overtones of both politics and race-mixing,the last an absolute taboo on fifties TV. The origins of Wiggily"s lameness were never gotten into, he never mentioned(Battle injury) My guess the hypothesis was what if Booth had misfired and hit Lincoln in a non-vital spot such as the legs. by the way his cane was Red, White, and Blue. The Political and implied Race-Mixing angles alone would have sounded the alarms. Thus no Wiggily on Tv. Several artists did the comic book,. strip and juvenile book versions, some have him more humanized than others. You can"t fool all the bunnies all tjhe time, Tewas a take-off on Abe and with racial angles.

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