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What one place is not a country but is owned by a European country?

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Is it the Vatican?

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What European countries owned all of central and south America?

The European countries which owned the entire continent of South America at one time are: Spain, Portugual, Britain, Holland and France.

What is the largest country trying to join the European Union?

There is only one country that is trying to combine with European Union. The country that is try to do this is France.

Is Spain one of the north America country?

No, Spain is a European country.

Which country is an existing member of the European union?

Spain is one of the countries in the European Union.

Is France a small or large European country?

France is the largest country in western Europe (Ukraine or the European part of Russia are larger) and the largest one in the European Union.

Is Cyprus is the part of European country?

Cyprus is a country in Europe and it is also one of the 27 members of the organisation known as the European Union.

Name one Eastern European country?


Which country is One Liberty Place found?

The country that One Liberty Place is found is the US.

What is ment by nationalized bank?

A nationalised bank - is one owned by the government of a country.

One country in Europe?

France is just one of many European countries.

The one Nordic country that is not located on European mainland is?


What European country never had a colony in Africa?

Switzerland was one.

What country is the only place in the world where Jeep vehicles are manufactured?

At one time, that country was the United States, but not any longer. Jeeps are now made in the USA, Austria, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Venezuela, Argentina and Egypt. Jeep is owned by Chrysler Group, which is partially owned by Fiat, an Italian automaker.

Gun deaths by leaglly owned firearms?

There is no one place that has the information you want.

What is one way a country could change from a command economy to a market economy?

If industries that had been owned by the government become privately owned.

How many people make up the European Commission?

The European Commission has 28 members, one from each country that is a member of the European Union.

Which continent is Portugal in?

Portugal is in the European Continent. It is the westernmost country in Europe, both main land and islands (Azores). As such Portugal is an European country, usually refereed as one of the South European Countries or one of the Mediterranean Country (being Spain, Italy and Greece other examples of countries in this category).

Which southeastern European country is one of the poorest in all of Europe?

Albania is the poorest of the Southeastern European countries, and one of the poorest in all of Europe.

Which country makes the most cars?

One third of all cars, globally, are produced in the European Union. The second largest market is Japan and China takes third place. If you ask for a single country, it is Japan.

Name a European country that shares border a with Asia?

Russia is one

One third of which European country was once covered by water?


What tiny country was one of the original countries in the European union?


How is European Russia and Asian Russia alike?

They are both one country!

In which European country is German one of four official languages?


What was the one European country that did not establish settlements in North America was?