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The insurance pays the lender. The lender then has you pay the remaining balance of the loan, after the sum of the insurance payment is taken out. It's so unfortunate, but it happens to a lot of people. Just a note to anyone with a similar situation... When you purchase a new vehicle, you should inquire from your insurance agent, how much extra it would be to add "Lease Gap" or "Loan Gap" coverage. This is generally only available from an A-rated company such as American Family or State Farm, and only for the first 4-5 years of a car's life. The great thing about this coverage, is that if the car ends up as a total loss, the insurance company will pay the difference between fair market value and what you owe the lender, eliminating the excess amount due to the lender. Just a recommendation. Any questions, email me Thanks Sean

2004-12-23 16:33:52
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What is the other term for the cash payment settlement insurance option?

don't know

If you are in a car accident and the car is totaled does your car loan get paid off through insurance?

Not unless you have the new option in insurance of the new car replacement. If your car is totaled, you will be paid the Blue Book price for your vehicle. This sum is the amount your vehicle is worth at this time. Any amount over this sum that is still owed to a car loan is still due.

Is your husband's ex-wife legally entitled to life insurance benefits in the state of California?

If she is the beneficiary named on the policy, the insurance company has no other option. They cannot give the payment to anyone else.

If your car is worth 12K but you owe 20K on it will the insurance company pay it off if it is totaled in an accident?

You can only collect the fair market value or retail book value depending on the regulations as established by your state's insurance commissioner. The only way you can collect the difference between the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle and the Payoff is through GAP insurance. This is usually offered to you during the purchase of your vehicle but can be purchased later. At the time of purchase, the offer to purchase GAP insurance may seem like a ploy by the salesman to sell you something you don't need. However GAP insurance is a valuable option should this situation arise. GAP insurance is what its name implies, insurance coverage for the "GAP" between the fair market value of your vehicle and the payoff amount.

Why is repair preferred than replacement by the insurance companies?

If repair costs are up to 76% of the vehicles value then the vehicle is totaled. Whichever option is least expensive is the one they go with but you will never find one that is going to actually replace your car, just give you the estimated value at the time. If you have ever had a car totaled you know that you never get enough to replace it.

Who is responsible for damage from car wreck in rental car?

If you purchased the rental company's insurance option then the rental company's insurance is responsible. If you did not purchase the insurance option, then YOUR insurance is responsible.

How many types of electronic payment option are there?

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How do you change the currency used on the Amazon website?

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How do you get medical insurance for you and your unborn baby at 16 years old?

Medicaid is pretty much the only option or see if the hospital have some kind of payment plan for package for different procedures.

Can you force your insurance company to fix your motorcycle if they assess it as being totaled due to it being valued at 4500 and the repair costs being 3900?

Sorry but no you can't. The insurance company have the option of repairing it or totalling it. Since the value of the bike is more than the cost and they want to give you value of the bike, why not take it? And if you really want to repair the bike you can then buy the bike from the insurance, who now owns it, and then have it repaired.

What are some benefits of axa Health insurance?

Axa Health insurance gives you a wide range of hospitals you can visit for treatment as well as prompt treatment and private facilities which are very friendly & comfortable. You have the option of paying for your private health insurance coverage in monthly installments or in a one lump-sum payment.

The Many Benefits of Senate Insurance?

Senate Insurance is an excellent option for people who are looking for auto insurance that offers great protection at really reasonable and affordable prices. Senate Insurance guarantees the lowest down payment, same day coverage, and monthly payment extensions. They are able to do this because the company is actually a broker firm representing a lot of different auto insurance companies. This gives them the power to be able to negotiate much lower rates than other insurance companies have the ability to do. Because State Insurance offers so many benefits, it really is the best company to buy auto insurance through.

Can you cancel term life insurance by not paying the premiums?

Yes, this is one option. You could write a letter to the insurance company requesting cancellation of your policy. Or, you could stop paying the premiums and the policy coverage would lapse and be canceled for non-payment of premiums.

What is a renewal option on life insurance policy?

By paying your renewal premia, your life insurance is automatically renewed. When a policy lapses due to non payment of premia, there is provision for renewal of policy by paying penal interest and by submitting 'Declaration of Good Health' form.

Xbox live status code 80162765?

It's an account payment option thing, I don't know how to fix it but if you want to remove your payment option you best call Microsoft.

What causes an increase in the value of an option?

An increase in the market price of the item the option is for.

Does citifinancial have online bill payment option for personal loan?


Will insurance cover a rental car for me if my car is totaled?

When renting a car it has basic insurance , whereby you pay an excess depending on the company depends on how much your excess will be. You do not pay for the total damage to vehicle. You have the option to take out CDW (Collision Damage Waver) where you pay a little extra again price depends on company. If there is then even a broken mirror , you pay Nothing

What is the definition of "axa variable annuity"?

The definition of AXA Variable Annuity is a life insurance policy that give the option of market appreciation. It gives you a variety of investment options with your policy.

What type of health insurance option did Barack Obama sign into law?

Mandatory Insurance

Is providing insurance a call or a put option for the insurer?

When you buy an insurance on your asset, you are essentially buying a put option on your asset for protection much like the Protective Put options trading strategy. As such, to the insurer, they are actually selling a naked put option to the buyer of the insurance.

What can you do if you were rear-ended and the police were not called and the person who rear ended you did not want it reported to his insurance?

You should still attempt to get insurance information from the other driver. Unless that person has rendered payment for your damages, your expenses will be your own. The other option is to sue the person if they will not pay voluntarily.

Can you keep a payment from your insurance company if you already put that bill on your bankruptcy or is this illegal?

In most cases the insurance reimbursement will have to be turned over to the BK trustee and included as non-exempt income. The best option is to contact the trustee for instructions on how to handle the situation and to be completely honest about the issue.

Where would one look for van insurance for a private vehicle?

Aviva has information about van insurance and the option to get a private van quote. It also has the phone number where you can call the company to find out further information. Compare The Market and other comparison sites have options to compare different insurance policies for vans.

What is a Stock market index option?

A Stock market index option is a kind of option. In fact, it is a kind of financial derivative. It is often tied to either a narrow-based index or a broad-based index.