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What options did the US have before dropping the bomb?

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2011-03-15 02:15:54

There were a few other options that Truman could have used

instead of the destructive force that is the atom bomb. The US

troops had been island hopping and were ready to begin an invasion.

The con of this plan would be the heavy loss of American soldiers

and that is probably the main factor as to why Truman didn't use

it. Another option would be to negotiate with the Japanese and

maybe come to an agreement. This was also pushed out because of the

fact that the Japanese were ruthless fighters and would not go down

easily in any battle. The option that would have been the best in

my opinion would be to gain the help of the Soviet Union. On August

8, 1945, a day before the second atomic bomb was dropped, the

Soviet's declared war on Japan which is believed to be the reason

why they unconditionally surrendered. This plan would have taken

less lives and done less damage to Japan and therefore would have

been the better idea.

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