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The only bankruptcy option would be a chapter 13 assuming that the involved party qualified. Debt consolidation programs can sometimes be helpful but the consumer should be extremely cautious in dealings with such businessess. Keep in mind, creditors do not have to accept any repayment offers made by the debtor and/or a consolidator. It might prove helpful for the debtor to contact the legal aid office in their area for advice. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer free or minimal fee consultation to discuss what choices are available in relation to the debtor's personal circumstances. (American Bar Association)

2006-07-28 12:23:54
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Should a Christian file bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy has no affiliation with religion. If filing bankruptcy is he best financial options available, then you should do it.

What worse bankruptcy or debt relief?

If you have a pile of unpaid credit card bills and simply can't pay the total amount due. Then you have two options for dealing with the debt you've accumulated: liquidation or bankruptcy. When you declare bankruptcy, you're asking court to wipe your financial slate clean.

Will a guy go to jail if he's too poor to pay for child support?

That is dependent of the court, however if he's having financial difficulties, as most fathers are these days, there are options. see links below

What should be one of the last options on your list for financial aid?

Student loans should be one of the last options on your list for financial aid.

When you are faced with options which all have negative consequences what you are experiencing?

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What is some of the best bankruptcy advice?

"The best bankruptcy advice would be to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer, who can advise you of all your options. Talking with a debt consolidation company can also be very helpful."

What is the point of financial sales training?

The point of financial sales training is to ensure that you know what you are recommending to clients. If you are not aware of different financial options and savings options, you won't make a good salesman.

What are my options for debt relief besides filing bankruptcy?

Instead of filing bankruptcy, you can contact your lenders and negotiate settlements with them. If they are aware that you are facing bankruptcy, they often will settle for amounts less than what you owe them.

What financial aid options are available for college students?

There are many options for financial aid programs available for college. You can go to the school's website with the financial aid section or go to the student aid department.

What should a person know about bancruptcy?

There are several things one must know about bankruptcy. The most important include the six basic types of bankruptcy options and at what point one should file for bankruptcy.

What are the two major financial market-traded forms of financial derivatives?

Futures and options

3 financial aid options for college?


If you expect an income tax refund of 4000 should you file bankruptcy first or your income tax first if you need to purchase a new car?

Why not wait for the refund and buy a car for that amount. See if you have any other options because bankruptcy stays on your financial record for life now. And you do have to pay it back, they no longer they dismiss the debt.

Where can one get a refinance in Colorado?

There are a number of options in Colorado for getting refinancing. Some options include Freedom Financial Services, Wells Fargo and Integrity Financial LLC.

Where can one find an attorney to defend a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case?

Filing a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a complex process. Finding a qualified attorney who is compassionate and understanding is an important first step. Compassion and understanding is a necessary requisite for such an attorney because a person files a chapter 11 bankruptcy because he/she has basically run out of any financial options like further bank loans. Checking out genuine review sites for bankruptcy attorneys on Google is perhaps a good place to start.

What are some financial options offered by Chrysler?

Some financial options offered by Chrysler include Personal Contract Hire, Baloon Hire Purchase and Hire Purchase. You can get more information about these options online at the Chrysler website.

Is their financial help for small business owners with little or no collateral and a recent bankruptcy?

Yes, there are often many options depending on the situaiton of the business owner(s). Feel free to visit our website at if you are interested to learn more.

Where can I find financial aid for an online school?

When you fill out your FAFSA it will give you several financial aide options.

Bankruptcy Statutes Within The United States?

Bankruptcy is a large financial change that will affect people for years after it has been declared. Due to dramatic changes in the financial market, the laws and statutes of bankruptcy have changed in the last few years. While it used to be a much more streamlined process, there are now quite a few rules and obligations necessary throughout. Here are a few key points when considering bankruptcy as an option. The United States is one of the few countries in which bankruptcy is a federal mandated law. It is a means in which debt is removed or a payment process is developed for overwhelming credit. Federal law also mandates that certain forms of financial counseling must be undertaken before the process is even started. This is a relatively new law which accompanied the extended periods that bankruptcy will show up on credit scores. It is a necessary step as it allows those considering bankruptcy to understand the severity of the option and the nuances of the entire process. In terms of personal bankruptcy, there are currently two options. Before either of these options can be carried out, mandatory credit counseling must take place. The United States government maintains a list of approved credit counselors, credit agencies, and financial counselors that may be consulted before filing bankruptcy. This must be done within six months before declaration. Chapter 7 is the more severe form of bankruptcy in which one could lose all valuable possessions, outside of a handful of exempt accounts, and the slate is then wiped clean. Chapter 13 is the shorter form of personal bankruptcy in which debts are consolidated and sometimes lowered and a repayment plan is developed. In order to exit bankruptcy, another personal financial management course must be taken online, on the phone, or in person. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an option for companies that have collected an overwhelming amount of debt and need to setup a court approved repayment plan. A trustee may be appointed with Chapter 11 to take control of the failing business' assets and properties. With the increasing complexity and seriousness of bankruptcy, utilizing a financial professional or bankruptcy lawyer will almost always be necessary before considering this process. While this is a federal law, it is important to identify state specific rules on bankruptcy before the process is undertaken.

How much income is too much for chapter 7?

Income has little to no determination on one's ability to file for bankruptcy. It's the debt to income ratio that most bankruptcy courts look for. Consult a bankruptcy attorney; there may be other options that will not impact your credit as harshly as bankruptcy.

What best describes the debtor's involvement with the bankruptcy judge?

The question is incomplete. No options are given to answer the question.

What has the author M Desmond Fitzgerald written?

M. Desmond Fitzgerald has written: 'Financial options' -- subject(s): Option (Contract), Options (Finance) 'Using the financial futures market'

Where can one find more information about filing bankruptcy yourself?

Bankruptcy is a very difficult decision with lots of implications and should not be taken lightly. An appointment should be made with a lawyer or trustee of bankruptcy to learn more and evaluate possible options.

What do you set the difficulty to in options to find wolves on Minecraft?

The wolves are found on all difficulties. Peaceful-Hard

How would you get a chapter 7 bankruptcy removed after 7 years?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will remain on the credit report for the requrired ten (10) years. There are not options for having it expunged sooner.