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What or who is the equivalent to a preacher in the witch and warlock world?


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May 04, 2008 8:01AM

The High Priest/ess is the guider for a witch. if you told a male witch he was a warlock he might just hit you as this is an insult. it is an insult because this 'warlock' means 'liar' or 'oath-breaker'. A little more Information: In most religions the Preacher/Pastor/Minister is the one who leads a congregation of lay-people in the worship of their religion... It is their job to talk to god for their congregation and to interpret the written word for them. In Paganism the High Priestess and/or High Priest lead a group/circle/coven of practitioners in the celebration of their Sabbat (8 Rituals, the Quarters & cross-Quarters, dealing with the Yearly cycle) and Esbats (Moon celebrations, dealing with the moon cycles). However each member of the group is themselves a Priest or Priestess and can and does communicate with their god(s) and/or goddess(es) in private or solitary rituals. Actually, in a traditional coven setting, not everyone is a Priest or Priestess. Covens structure themselves on a hierarchical initiatory system, where in order to obtain High Priest or High Priestess standing, you have to work to the top level. In coven setting, they are the ones leading the ritual.

Of course the other members of the coven participate in ritual, and of course everyone is able to make a personal connection with the Divine (however they would choose to see Him/Her). People have described that each Witch is their own Priest/Priestess to explain that ultimately each individual is responsible for their own spiritual path. But we must keep in mind that not every Witch is a Priestess.