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COuntries enter in alphabetical order of the name of the countries, accordiing to the name as spelled by the host country. The language and alphabet of the host country is also used. Greece enteres first, and the host country enters last, irregardless of the alphabetization. In 2004, with Greece hosting, the Grecian flag entered first and the Grecian delegation enters last.

They enter alphabetically. The alphabetical order is based on the language of the host country.

This year, the countries entered alphabetically in the order of the Greek alphabet, according to the name of the country in Greek.

This gets interesting in that there have been several different Greek alphabets throughout history. For instance, the letters "v" and "b" are synonymous, as are "ph" and "f", and "e" and "i". This means France entered after the "a" and "b" and "v" countries, and before the "g" countries, rather than near the end where "ph"/"f" fall in the Greek alphabet. Spain entered with the "e" countries. (Espanola?.)

For more on the Greek alphabet, you can go to

For more on the countries participating in the Olympics, there's

I'm still looking for a link as to the actual order of all 200+ countries.


I found a link!

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Q: What order do the countries enter for the 2004 Parade of Nations?
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In what order do the countries enter for the 2008 Parade of Nations?

They will enter based on the number of brush strokes in the Chinese character(s) for the country.

What was the order by English name of the countries for the Parade of Nations?

Check this site:

What was the order for the parade of nations of the 1992 Summer Olympics?

If I am not wrong it is in French

What is the order of the parade of nations if Greece is the host country?

first and last

What was the order of the countries in the 2006 Winter Olympics Parade of Nations?

The countries entered the stadium in alphabetical order (Italian alphabetical order) with the exception of Greece--first country in as the traditional founder of the Olympic games--and Italy, the host country which came in last.

If the Parade of Nations is supposed to be in alphabetical order why were Saint Lucia and Egypt at the beginning of the Parade?

THe order used is that of the Grecian alphabet, that of the host nation. This moves St. Lucia and Egypt to the to.

What is the Order of athletes in closing parade of Olympics?

For opening parade of athletes in the Olympics, Greece comes in first and the last nation to come in is the host nation. In between come the nations in alphabetical order. For the closing parade, the first and the last nations are the same, Greece and the host nation, but in between, all of the athletes of all the participating nations come in a huge mass and in no particular order. This closing procedure was brought about by an idea of a young Chinese apprentice carpenter living in Australia who wrote to the International Olympics Committee suggesting that all of the athletes mingle in the closing parade. This was officially adopted from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics up to the present.

During the closing parade of the Olympics in what order to the athletes enter the stadium?

There is no order at the closing ceremony. The flag bearers and country name board bearers enter first in single file. Then the athletes enter, en masse, without distinction of country.

What country walked first in the 2012 olympics?

Greece The Parade of Nations of athletes (drawn from the 10,490 competing) and officials from 204 nations (and the "Independent Olympic Athletes") was led, according to custom, by the Greek team followed by other competing countries in alphabetical order and finally the host nation Great Britain

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What countries did Nazi Germany invade and in what order?

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What country enters the winter Olympics first?

In terms of the Parade of Nations, the ceremony during which all Olympic teams enter bearing the flag of their country, Greece is always the first to enter. Having founded the Olympic Games centuries ago, and pioneering the modern international Olympic Games, Greece is given the honour of first entry for all Summer and Winter Olympic Games Parade of Nations ceremonies, including the most recent 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. After this, teams file on in alphabetical order of the host country's language, and the host country itself enters last, but Greece is always the first to enter.

Do the athletes in the Olympics enter the opening ceremonies in order of event if so what is the order?

1) The athletes of Greece enter first. 2) All other nations, except for the athletes of the host nation, enter in alphabetical order of the country name in the host's language. 3) The athletes of the host nation enter last.

What order do the athletes enter for the Winter Olympics in the opening ceremony?

The athletes from Greece enter first and the athletes from the host nation (in 2010 that is Canada) enter last. In between, the athletes enter in alphabetical order of the country name as known in the host nation's language (in 2010 that is English). At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Greece will enter first, Russia will enter last, and in between the countries will enter in alphabetical order in the Russian language.

What is the first country to parade during the opening ceremony of the olympic geams?

The first country in the parade is always Greece.The last country is the host nation.In between, the countries march in alphabetical order according to the official language of the host nation.

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What order will the counties enter the stadium for the 2008 Olympics?

Countries will enter the Olympic Stadium following the alphabetical order in Mandarin (language of the host country), which is quite different from the one we use in most languages. One would expect Australia to be among the first countries to enter the Stadium but that is not going to happen since in Chinese, Australia is among the last letters of the alphabet, just close to Zambia, for example.

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Order for athletes to enter 2008 open ceremony?

Unless someone knows Chinese, that answer is impossible to give. The order of entering the stadium at the opening ceremony is that Greece goes first, the host country (China) goes last, and in between the countries march in alphabetical order according to the language of the host country. Unless one knows what the countries are known as in Chinese it is not possible to know the order of entry for the opening ceremony. Actually this isn't true for these games. The athletes will enter the stadium by number of strokes in that countries name in the Chinese Language :)

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