What order do you do the levels in the factory on 24 carrot island?

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2009-11-13 21:58:00

To acces the vents, turn on the factory machines by pushing the

middle switch all the way down and the other two halfway down. Ride

the crane at the top to enter the vents (you need the map from the

window near the roof - use the transporter if you don't have it


The first room is the Printing Room at upper right. Disable the

rabbot ears on the drone by tricking him into turning around (press

the blue C). You next step is the Processing Room (bottom left) to

get the wire cutters. Either walk to the freezer room (bottom

right) or get caught by the robot sentry. Cut the wires and go back

to the processing room, where you can free the two drones.

(see related question for solution)

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