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hormones are removed from the blood by degrading enzymes,the kidneys and liver enzyme systems. sibel

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Is blood sugar regulated by negative or positive feedback?

Here's a hint: positive feedback tends to break the system. Therefore, if there is regulation, there is a negative feedback loop.

What is the difference between the positive and negative feed back system?

Feedback is a signal loop such that the output signal of one loop becomes the input of the next. A positive feedback system regenerates the input whereas a negative feedback system degenerates the input. For this reason they are often referred to as regenerative feedback and degenerative feedback, respectively. The human body uses both systems in order to regulate the release of chemicals and hormones for various purposes. A typical example of both regenerative and degenerative feedback is the process of blood clotting. The feedback loop is initiated when injured tissue releases chemicals that activate platelets in the blood, which activate more platelets, causing a rapid cascade and the formation of a blood clot. Degenerative feedback determines when to stop releasing clotting chemicals, after which other chemicals can begin to break down the clot as the injury heals. Another example are the contractions felt during childbirth, which stimulates the hypothalamus to produce oxytocin. When the baby is born, negative feedback degenerates the production of oxytocin.

Why is there jaundice when you have hepatitis a?

The liver becomes less capable of removing a substance called bilirubin from the body. Bilirubin is a yellow-pigmented substance that forms from the break down of red blood cells. Since the liver is incapable of removing it, it builds up in the blood stream and ultimately ends up in the skin.

What gland or organ produces hormones that decrease blood calcium levels?

The hormone produced by the para follicular cells of the thyroid gland is calcitonin (CT). CT can decrease the level of calcium in the blood by inhibiting the action of osteoclasts, the cells that break down bone extracellular matrix. The secretion of CT is controlled by a negative feedback system. When its blood level is high,calcitonin lowers the amount of blood calcium and phosphates by inhibiting bone resorption (breakdown of bone extracellular matrix) by osteoclasts and by accelerating uptake of calcium and phosphates into bone extracellular matrix.

How does the pancreas help the digestive system?

The pancreas produces certain enzymes and hormones, including insulin, that break down food. The pancreas releases these fluids directly into the blood and the ducts of the body.

Can blood vessels break in eye from high blood pressure?

no it cannot break in eye

How can I find a Diagram for removing break drum 2002 cavalier?

How to find diagram for removing rear drum from a 2002 Cavalier

What hormones regulate calcium in the blood and bones?

calcitoninParathyroid hormone.There are two, calcitonin and PTH (parathyroid hormone). Calcitonin signals to break down bone while PTH signals to form it.

How do you break up with your loved one?

Many answer/solutions are available. My question to you is what is your cause to break up. Let me know & I'll give you my feedback

What causes you to break out in a sweat while sleeping?

Sweating is a positive feedback from the body, as a tool to cool down the body. Generally if you are sweating while sleeping, it is because your body is to hot. Try removing blankets and/or cooling of your home. If the problem persists, seek a professional opinion.

What is an example of positive feedback?

Positive feedback mechanisms are designed to accelerate or enhance the output created by a stimulus that has already been activated. Unlike negative feedback mechanisms that initiate to maintain or regulate physiological functions within a set and narrow range, the positive feedback mechanisms are designed to push levels out of normal ranges. To achieve this purpose, a series of events initiates a cascading process that builds to increase the effect of the stimulus. This process can be beneficial but is rarely used by the body due to risks of the acceleration's becoming uncontrollable. One positive feedback example event in the body is blood platelet accumulation, which, in turn, causes blood clotting in response to a break or tear in the lining of blood vessels. Another example is the release of oxytocin to intensify the contractions that take place during childbirth.

Can farting make you break your blood vessel or is it a hoax?

That is a hoax. Flatulence (farting) does not break blood vessels.

Negative feedback with increase in blood glucose?

negative feedback can increase the concentration of glucose in the blood stream. if the blood glucose levels are too low, alpha cells will produce glucagon which causes the liver to break glycogen down into glucose. it is then released into the blood stream which increase the blood glucose levels.if it is too high, the beta cells will produce insulin which causes the liver and muscle cells to form glycogen from glucose. In addition, other cells are encouraged to use glucose in cell respiration rather than fats.both the beta and alpha cells are produced from the pancreas.

Do lysosomes produce steroid hormones?

Lysosomes do not produce steroid hormones. Lysosomes are organelles in cells that break down waste materials and debris inside the cell.

Can you die from a broken blood vessel?

It depends on when the break occurred and how much blood is lost from the vessel. If on the brain a large break can kill.

Is there a break-in for an exhaust?

Yes. All feedback suggests that 2-3K miles will produce a lower, louder sound.

What is the function of the peroxisomes?

Peroxisomes contain enzymes that break down toxic molecules by removing hydrogen.

How is your circulatory system adapted to prevent blood loss and infection after blood vessels are damaged?

The essence of the circulatory system is what it carries - the blood. Blood consists of cells and plasma. Plasma is mostly water, but also carries nutrients and waste to and from the tissues of the body and hormones among tissues. The cells include red blood cells, which carry oxygen, and white blood cells, which aid in immunity and protective functions. Platelets are also found in the blood and are responsible for healing responses when blood leaks from a vessel, effectively clotting the break to prevent blood loss.

Name some examples of short term effects of exercise on the human body?

Endorphin rush, elevated heart rate, increased blood flow, increased oxygen intake, secretion of hormones, muscle break down, increased metabolism

What happens when blood vessels weaken?

Some weakened blood vessels will swell or worse they can break. If the break happens in the brain a type of stroke can occur.

How do you remove a stubborn Brake drum on a 2002 rodeo?

Make sure your parking break is off when you're removing the break drums or they won't come off.

Can a dentist break your jaw while removing a tooth?

Yes, that is a potential complication of having a tooth removed.

What do lysosomes do in white blood that cells eat bacteria?

lyse=to break lysosome is an enzyme present in white blood cells or in leucocytes which break the cell wall of bacteria

What causes your face to break out?

Many! - bacteria - dirt, oil, and grease - hormones - purity - milk (hormones from cows) You can stop most of your breaks out by washing your face on a daily basis. I hope this help:) Good luck!

What blood cells fight germs and break down dead cells?

white blood cells