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The League of Nations

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Q: What organisation was founded to maintain peace after World War 1?
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What organizations tried to maintain world peace after 1919?

What organizations tried to maintain world peace after 1919?

Which Charity organisation founded 1961 195000 volounteers?

It's the Peace Corps. Good luck with the Telegraph GK Crossword...

How can you maintain world peace?

You would have to achieve it first.

Goal of the league of nations?

maintain world peace

What was the organization called meant to keep world peace for world war 1?

The Tony Greig Organisation

After world war 2 the united nations was formed in attempt to maintain world peace the united nations provides?

After world war 2, the United Nations was formed in attempt to maintain world peace, and the United Nations provides peace keepers in areas of conflict.

What was the world body that was formed after world war 2 to maintain peace?


What did the leauge of nations do?

tried to maintain world peace but failed

What tools does the United Nations have at their disposal to help maintain world peace?

The United Nations have several different tools to help maintain world peace. Specifically, they have access to armies and can engage in diplomacy with world leaders.

Maintain peace harmony and balance in nature?

Internal harmony and internal balance are believed to be required to maintain peace, and harmony and balance in nature. This is sometimes referred to as World Balance or World Harmony.

What organization tried to maintain world peace after 1919?

League of Nations

What body has responsibility for world peace?

The body that has the responsibility for keeping world peace is the United Nations. Most of the nations of the world gather together to talk about global issues that effect everyone and do their best to maintain peace in the world.

How can you maintain peace without war?

By friendship we can maintain peace without war

How do you maintain peace n harmony in nature?

maintain, peace, & harmony in nature

What role does the united nations in the international system?

To maintain peace and order in this world.

How did the Allies maintain peace after World War 2 ended?

The United Nations

Which association aimed to maintain peace after World War 1?

League of Nations

What was the international organization formed at the end of World War 2 to maintain world peace?

The United Nations

What are the similarities and differences between the League of Nations and United Nations?

They were both intergovernmental organizations founded to maintain world peace. The League of Nations was dissolved after Wold War II and the United Nations was founded to replace it. It has more member countries and influence than the League of Nations did.

What organization was created after World War 2 to maintain peace and help people around the world?

The United Nations.

What is the organization founded at the end of World War ll which was created to promote world peace?

The UN (United Nations).

Why is it important to maintain peace?

Its important to mantain peace because without peace this world that we live in will be more corupt then it is right now. Another reason why you should maintain peace is so that everything will be orderly and not crazy. Peace is like an agreement or a treaty to end hostilities, so you should always remain peaceful.

How did president Wilson think the league of nations would help maintain world peace?

President Wilson thought that the League of Nations would maintain peace by way of unity. This would be accomplished by making the world powers be in agreement on international issues.

Why do Ghana cooperates with other nations?

to maintain international peace and friendship

What is the duties of a security officer?

The Security Officer is primarily responsible for maintenance of peace and order of an organisation. He is to ensure safety and security of the men, materials and overall welfare and wellbeing of the organisation. He is the harbinger of peace, prosperity and happiness of the organisation.